Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Old man manhandled for drinking water during Ramdan

10/1/2006 4:49:20 PM HK

Malappuram: A Hindu old man who drank a glass of water during Ramadan fasting was physically assaulted by a Muslim. This incident happen at Perinthalmana in Malappuram district.

The old man,was waiting for bus at Thazekode, when he felt thirsty and went to the nearby home of a Hindu to quench his thirst.A Muslim on seeing this shouted at the old man and asked why he was drinking water in public and started hitting him.

Suddenly some passerbys came to the old man's rescue. Realising the situation, the attacker quickly left the place. So far no case was registered by the local police.

In this Muslim majority district in Malappuram till recently even the the shops of Hindus were not allowed to open.Due to the efforts of Hindu organisations Hindus were atleast able to open the Shops, But no one are allowed to drink or eat in public during their fasting month.


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