Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Muslims attack protest march of Hindus as it passes by mosque

Posted on 01 October, 2006
Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Nanded: ‘Chhava’ organisation had organized a speech by Ms Shalinitai Patil on ‘Benchmark for Reservation on Economic background’. The local police, however, issued an order prohibiting her entry in Nanded. As a result, the program had to be cancelled. In her absence, leaders of ‘Chhava’ organization gave speeches and later took out a protest march to the District Collector’s office. When the march was passing by a mosque, Muslims suddenly started pelting stones at the participants.

The march was taken for lifting the ban on Ms Shalinitai’s entry in Nanded. Many supporters of ‘reservation policy’ had gathered on the route of the march. Therefore, the police asked members of ‘Chhava’ to change their route. But the organisation did not pay any heed to instructions of police and went ahead on the same route. As the march reached near a mosque, the protesters and Muslim fruit vendors started a fight. Within a few moments, from the mosque, stone pelting started. Then stone pelting started from both the sides. When the situation went out of control, police started caning and tear gas shells were opened. About 70 persons got injured in the scuffle.


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