Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mumbai Blasts-Now what?

10/1/2006 2:11:39 PM HK

The Highlights of the press conference done by A.N.Roy,Mumbai police chief.

*The plot masterminded by ISI

*Executed by Laskar-e-Toiba

*Supported by Jaish-e-Mohammed and SIMI

*11 Jihadistanis and 20 Indian Jihadi’s were directly involved

*Out of 15 Jihadistanis one was dead in blast and another shot dead in encounter

*Rest 9 not yet caught.

*15 Indian Jihadis are under arrest

*Prime accused Ethesham Siddiqui, is Maharashtra unit general secretary of SIMI.

*Faisal Sheikh another accused from Mira Road, Mumbai received 60 lakhs Rupees from Saudi Arabia via Hawala for the operation.

* Kamaluddin Ansari another accused from Madhubhani in Bihar helped the Jihadistani’s to enter India via Nepal,Bangladesh and Gujarath Borders

*Faisal and Siddiqui arranged all local help for Jihadistani’s including accommodation.

*20 Kg of RDX was bought by Jihadistani’s from Jihadistan

*Fast Track court to try the accused.

Mumbai police have done a great job even without the moral support from the Central Government, But the question hangs in the minds of Patriotic Indians are now what?

The Fast Track court may convict or acquit these terrorists, Terrorist Right Activists will come openly to support these Jehadi’s, Sonia Maino may plea for clemency to these Jehadi’s also to President,ManMohan Singh will give his smiling face together with Musharaff in coming summits,and the media and Public will forget this as an another episode and will refurbish theses datas as mere Statistics..For those in power those who are dead are mere numbers in a statistical data-But still there are few living souls, the Kith and Kin of those died, weeping silently cursing their fate..


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