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Hindu temple remains found under the debris of a Dargah

Posted on 04 October, 2006

  • The ruins found in the debris belong to a temple built by Yadav dynasty – Pandurang Balkawade, Historian

  • This is a proof of ‘idol-breaking’ mind-set of Muslims – HJS

  • (For thousands of years, Muslim assaults have destroyed Hindu temples and constructed mosques and dargahs in its place; but our politicians always favour Muslims and have tried to hide these facts of history. This incident in Pune has, however, shown that Muslim mosques and dargahs are originally Hindu temples. A series of articles published by ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ also say the same thing. Will Indian rulers give back to Hindus, their places of worship? – Editor)

    Remains of a temple found under the debris of a Dargah (Photo 1)

    Remains of a temple found under the debris of a Dargah (Photo 2)

    Pune: The base wall of Chhota Shaikh Sallah dargah had collapsed about a month ago. Now as the repairs of the wall is going on, ruins of Hindu ancient temple have been found under the debris of the wall.

    Near Mutha River at Pune, there is a dargah of Shaikh Sallah. About a month back, the wall of durgah collapsed. The local municipality took up work of development of the Mutha River. Now when the debris is being cleared, ruins of ancient Hindu temple have been unearthed. The news spread likes a fire and members of many Hindu organizations rushed to the spot resulting in creating tension in the area. Police prohibited people from going there by raising barricades. The media persons were, however, allowed to visit the spot. Shri. Gajanan Mehandale and Shri. Pandurang Balkawade senior historians also visited the site on hearing the news.

    The ruins found in the debris belong to a temple built by Yadav dynasty – Pandurang Balkawade, Historian

    While informing the media persons, Shri. Bulkawade said that according to the historical records, the ruins are of temple built in Yadava reign. There were Shiva and Vishnu temples at Punyeshwar and Narayaneshwar on the banks of Mutha River. Muslim Sultan Allauddin Khilaji attacked southern India. Later, he appointed Bada alias Bura Arab as his first Muslim administrator in the year 1194.

    During that time, one ‘Avalia’ called Nizamuddin came to Pune from Delhi along with his 700 followers. Two of his disciples named Shaikh Isauddin and Shaikh Saluddin started propagation of ‘Islam’. These two disciples destroyed the Shiva and Vishnu temples. In the holy book ‘Gatha’ written by Saint Namdev, there is a mention of these temples. After their death, in place of Narayaneshwar temple, Shaikh Sallah was built in the name of the elder and in place of Punyeshwar temple; Shaikh Sallah was built in the name of younger shaikh in the year 1330.

    Pune got its name from the name of the temple ‘Punyeshwar’. In the year 1918, Pune municipality had found some ruins of the temple when development work was undertaken e.g. dwarshakha of the temple, idol of Sree Vishnu, an idol of a hermit, other idols of Hindu deities, ‘Shiva-linga’, Gomukh etc. these ruins were handed over to the Indian Historians Committee.

    This is a proof of ‘idol-breaking’ mind-set of Muslims – HJS

    It is a slap on the face of so-called secularists and is one more proof of the theory that ‘Attackers are always breakers; they can never be creators’. It is not a coincidence that after Paithan, ruins of temples have been found at Muslim structures at Pune; but it is an evident proof that Muslims have been ‘idol breakers’. Even in excavations at Babri Masjid, ruins of Hindu temples have been found; but despite so many proofs, Muslims are claiming it as their structure and even Government is keeping mum. Hindus should not be under the wrong impression that Govt. would do anything for taking over their structures but need to unite and fight for getting back their own structures – appealed Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS for the State of Maharashtra

    Every mosque is a built over a Hindu temple – P.N. Oak, Senior Historian

    Shri. P. N. Oak has said that it is his theory that every mosque is a taken over Hindu temple. This applied to even ‘Kaba’, a Muslim holy place. He said that he has won a no. of cases in court based on this theory.

    Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat


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