Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Frauds confirmed by raid in Christian Mafia centre

10/1/2006 8:26:14 AM

Allegations against Retreat Centre


THRISSUR: The special investigation team that spent seven hours at the Divine Retreat complex, Muringoor, seized several medicines and documents that could incriminate the Retreat authorities.

It was learnt from top sources that the Retreat authorities would be charged for at least three offences that include running an illegal hospital and treating patients without qualified hands. The Retreat applied for a licence for a hospital in 2001, but sanction was not granted.

Several allegations have been leveled against the centre in the past few years and several cases filed in the High Court against the Retreat, which attracts believers from several states.

Cases of suicides by mentally-ill patients brought to the centre for treatment have also been reported. At the time of the inspection on Saturday, there were at least 1,000 patients at the centre being treated for various ailments.

It has seven departments for treatment including a de-addiction centre, paediatric and psychiatry wings.

The police team found that injections and clinical operations were being carried out by non-qualified hands. An off-campus treatment centre at Veloor and a day-care centre run by the Retreat authorities were also inspected. Priests and several believers present at the centre were also questioned.

It is reported that there were at least 10,000 believers at the Retreat at the time of the operation. Investigating officers, however, declined to comment saying that it would hamper the probe. Mohajir said a joint-conference of the inspecting team would be held on Sunday to evaluate its findings.


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