Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fanatic Muslims stop procession of Goddess

Posted on 01 October, 2006
(Hindus, Beware! Muslims are now stopping you in your own village from taking out a procession of your worshipped deity. Unite against them otherwise your village will become like a part of Pakistan!–Editor)

Jalgaon: A procession was taken out by the locals at Hingone in Yaol Taluqa on the occasion of Navaratri. The procession was however, stopped by fanatic Muslims. Therefore, there was tension in the village.

Hindus from Hingone village took out a procession on the occasion of Navaratri. As the procession reached the mosque, Muslims stopped the procession and started shouting that the procession would not be allowed to pass from there. Hindus were enraged and started a fight. Police intervened and brought the situation under control. The Police Superintendent (Upper) visited the site and appealed people to maintain peace.

Those who are sounding their hooters 5 times during the day, have the guts to oppose processions from passing by mosques then Hindus from the area where such processions are not allowed, should demand for removal of hooters from mosque, said Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the HJS Spokesperson for states of Maharatshtra.

Fanatic Muslims pelt stones at the religious processions. Now they are not allowing even protest marches to pass by mosques. If nothing is done to stop their bullying, in future, not only near mosques but it will be difficult for Hindus to move about even in areas where Muslim population is more and then anywhere in the country.

Those who are demanding destruction of Hindu religion by calling it as religion of Brahmins, will now learn a lesson that all non-Muslims are ‘kafirs’ for them. Time has now come to follow the path shown by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to tackle terrorism. Hindus have no choice but to follow that path, said Shri. Shinde. He said that HJS condemns such fanatics.

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