Monday, September 18, 2006

Temple encroachment in the name of adventurous Tourism

9/18/2006 8:29:44 AM HK

Pathanamthitta:In the name of Tourism Marxist Government in Kerala is trying to encroach Temples in the state.

Present move is to acquire more than 10 acres of land under Sri HaraMaha Deva temple Devaswom in chuttipara to promote adventurous Tourism in the rocks belonged to Temple.

Three temples in Sri Maha Deva Rock, Ganapathi Rock and Subramnya Rock is now facing threat from the Atheist Communist regime in the state.

Devotees and Devaswom had planned for elaborate developmental activities and this attempt from the part of Government is to thwart this attempt.

Muslims in the area tried to intimidate the devotees in various ways including Bomb threat in past.

Devaswam and Hindu organisations condemned this move from the Government and told that they will collectively protest any move aimed to hurt the sentiments of devotees in the area.

Courtesy:Janmabhoomi Daily


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