Monday, September 18, 2006

SBE found guilty in USA for writing against Hindus in the school textbooks

Posted on 17 September, 2006
New York:The ‘Hindu American Foundation (HAF)’ and other staunch Hindus had filed a
petition against the School Board of Education (SBE), California for publishing certain matter in the text books set for sixth standard which was against Hindus. The Californian High Court has convicted the SEB as it has infringed the Californian Administrative Procedure Act.

It is stated in the text that there is casteism in Hindu religion and even women are not treated equally. HAF had therefore, filed a petition that the matter published in SEB books was wrong. The Judge not only accepted HAF’s contention but also said that SEB always infringes the law misusing its powers. HAF had demanded that the controversial portion should be excluded from the textbooks and books may be re-printed.

But the Judge rejected HAF’s demand saying that it would create hindrance in studies and SEB should be given reasonable time to bring about the changes. HAF has planned to file a petition in the Supreme Court to exclude the controversial portion from the textbooks. It was the first time that the Hindus based in USA have come together to fight for a cause.


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