Friday, September 29, 2006

Police tactics to protect the guilty Superintendent of Police

Posted on 27 September, 2006
The incident of an innocent member of Hindu Dakshata Samiti brutally had beaten up by Superintendent of Police.

Tulzapur: On 23rd September, Shri. Amit Kadam, a member of Hindu Dakshata Samiti (HDS) was unnecessarily beaten up by Shri. Shyam Dighavkar, the Superintendent of Police. In this context, a press conference was held and a demand was made to suspend the SP or else be prepared to face strong agitations. After the press conference, police called a member and argued with him for one and a half hours. The police tried to tell the member that if such news is published, people will lose faith in them.

The member, however was firm on his standpoint. The police department is trying their best to somehow save the skin of SP. Following the press conference, the police also called correspondents of 'Dainik Sakaal', 'Dainik Loksatta', 'Dainik Punyanagari', 'Dainik Samna’ etc. and gave a perverted version of the incident that Shri. Kadam pushed Shri. Dighavkar while he was passing by so Shri. Dighavkar hit him with a stick. Shri. Kadam, however, back answered the SP and therefore, he was beaten up. The police contended that Shri. Kadam did not behave properly even with Shri. Shinde, the Police Inspector. It is said that the SP has political support; but the Hindu organizations have decided to follow up the matter till end.

A representation was given to the District Collector (DC) of Usmanabad demanding suspension of Shri. Dighavkar. The DC said that the incident should not have taken place. Henceforth, care will be taken and Shri. Dighavkar will be reprimanded.


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