Friday, September 08, 2006

Persecution of Hindus in Malaysia !

Posted on 08 September, 2006
Author : Shri. Milind Gadgil, Senior War Journalist

Among the Muslim countries, Malaysia, is considered as advanced; but presently under the guise of local municipal development at the rate of one Hindu temple per week is being demolished in Malaysia. Malaysia has a Hindu population of about 17 lakhs. Malaysia became independent in the year 1957. At that time an assurance was given that the places of prayer of religions other than Islam would be registered and their land would be mentioned in the Government Gazette as reserved land.

This assurance is incorporated in the 8th clause of the Malaysian Constitution, but in actual fact from 1957 to date not a single Hindu temple has been registered so. As a result these temples are declared as unauthorized constructions and demolished under the guise of town development. Shri. Sammy Velu, a Hindu is a minister in the Malaysian Government. On 7th of July he raised his voice to this Hindu Persecution and insisted that the Hindu temples be registered.

There after they were registered. It was then decided that it would be compulsory to give alternative land if a temple had to be demolished for development of the town. Within a week of the minister’s appeal a Hindu temple in Petaling Jaya was demolished and the alternative land was given near the Municipality’s sewage recycling center. The Mayor while awarding the plot of land, impudently said, “Oh Hindu Brothers! If you are going to pray to your numerous Gods, pray that the stink in world disappears!”
While the temple in Petaling Jaya was being demolished, the 100 uniformed Muslim Policemen and the Muslim Public clapped joyously.

Some Hindus tried to stop the demolition by Satyagraha (Peaceful protest in a constitutional manner) in front of the temple entrance. Muslim goons beat them up and the police played the role of spectators. The Hindu community complained about this incident to the attorney General of Malaysia as well as the Central Minister Seri Nasir Aziz. Both gave an assurance that there will be an inquiry into the incident. But in fact nothing happened. In the current year from February, till now 26 large and 68 small temples have been demolished in Malaysia.

The moral is that the Muslims will not have a change of heart by Satyagraha. They understand the language of force. So the Hindus have to imbibe Kshatradharma and fight with all their might against the attack on their religion. The Hindu Unity alone will bring leaders, like Shri. Shivraj Patil who beg for the cumulative Muslims votes, to their senses!


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