Friday, September 08, 2006

Pak troops advance, Indian Army not worried

New Delhi:
The Indian military is not seriously concerned over the noticeable movement of Pakistani troops close to the Jammu and Kashmir border.

Military officials say they have noted the troop movements but there is nothing alarming - for now.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, military sources said that they discounted the possibility of Pakistan conducting any surgical strikes in Jammu and Kashmir in view of its troubles domestically and along the Afghan border.

The troop movement has taken place in recent days along the Line of Control (LoC) that divides Jammu and Kashmir between the two countries. No induction of Pakistani military has been noticed on Kashmir's international border.

"The (intelligence) inputs have been studied. The conclusion is that nothing alarming should be read into them," an army officer said.

"We are alert to these developments but see no reason to make any additional deployments at this point of time," he added.

The inputs say there has been considerable movement of Pakistani troops in two areas: at Chakoti in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, facing Naushera town in the Indian Jammu and Kashmir.

The Pakistan Army's 19 Division has reportedly moved from its peacetime headquarters at Jhelum to Chakoti and has been reinforced with three brigades and Special Forces personnel.

Simultaneously, an additional brigade has been moved up to face Naushera.

At one level, this could be constituted as preparations for a quick and surgical operation. But, as an Indian Army officer explained, Pakistan's elite 1 Corps based at Mangala - which would be expected to carry out such a strike - had been considerably depleted due to troubles in Balochistan and on the Afghan border.


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