Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hindu saint threatened by fanatic Muslims

Posted on 03 September, 2006
Swami Abhaya Chaitanya Mauniji Maharaj threatende by fanatic for his activities towards uniting Hindus.

Varanasi :
In Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh) Swami Abhaya Chaitanya Maharaj has
started activities towards uniting Hindus. Due to the increasing influence of Swamiji in the area, fanatic Muslims have started opposing Him. Recently, a few fanatic Muslims wrote a letter to Swamiji that if he did not immediately stop his activities, he would be killed and his ashram would
be blown up.

It has also been stated in the letter that Hanuman, an idol made of stone, would not be able to save Him. Earlier Swamiji was shot at by some fanatics but he was saved. Swamiji’s activities in Uttar Pradesh are enormous. He has restored many old temples. His ashram is in Gauriganj, Sultanpur. Some schools and colleges are run by the ashram. The ashram also runs a Sanskrit College where two thousand students are studying. Poor Hindu students are given financial aid for schooling, clothes, food, books etc. Poor Hindus are also helped for performing last rites. Internal fights among Hindus are solved; Hindu girls are extended help to get married. Along with all these, Swamiji is carrying on the great mission of uniting Hindus. He also undertakes spiritual remedies. Shortly, Swamiji will be forming ‘anti-terrorist force’ to fight against terrorism.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat


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