Monday, September 18, 2006

Grenade recovered in Kerala, supplied by ISI

9/18/2006 2:37:32 PM

Fanatics have vowed that they will make ‘Kerala another Kashmir’, and going by the explosive nature of the terrorist activities going on in the tiny State, it seems, their aim is not a far cry or bravado. In continuation of the terror activities going on in the State for almost two decades, a high explosive grenade H-E 36, of capacity to destroy anything within 30 metres around it, wrapped in green cloth with Islamic markings was found under a bridge culvert in Kappanvila near Kallambalam in Attingal taluk of the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. This area is a strong hold of the Islamic terrorists, NDF. According to the police sources, the high intensity grenade might have been abandoned after police started house to house searches in the light of the nationwide alert against terrorist strikes.

Senior officials of the State intelligence, IB, Defence establishment etc. who inspected the grenade said that no markings were visible on the grenade. They feel, it is the type supplied by ISI, to Islamic terrorists elements and Naxalite groups. According to them these types of grenades are given to Kashmiri terrorists, when they undergo training in Pakistan and Bangaladesh and they pass it on to Islamic terrorists in various parts of India to train their cadres. They say that this clearly establishes the link of Kerala terrorist outfits with Pak supported anti-national groups in Kashmir.


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