Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fanatic Muslims sent threatening letter to VHP

Posted on 03 September, 2006
Fanatics Muslims demanded to immediately stop all activities in Goa within a week or face carnage

Ponda :An anonymous letter was received through post at the office of VHP in Khadapabandh, Ponda threatening to stop all religious activities within a week otherwise face carnage. The letter is in English and below the matter is written ‘Al Uma’.

A few months ago, there were riots on the issue of demolition of unauthorized construction of a mosque at Sawarde when a similar letter was received by VHP. This is the second letter. The letter has been addressed to the General Secretary of VHP. The letter bears no stamp of any post office and was returned to the post office at Ponda.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat


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