Thursday, September 07, 2006

Controversial poster on Vande Mataram

AN anonymous poster about why Vande Mataram should not be made compulsory became the center of attraction and controversy on Tuesday morning at M S University. The poster was stuck outside the MSU Faculty of Commerce and caused much consternation among the students and passers-by who read it. It was later torn down by a couple of students.

The poster's title was 'There is no God, but only one God vs. Vande Mataram. The poster also goes on to clearly explain why the singing of the national song is against the fundamental tenets of Islam. According to the poster, Vande Mataram means worship of the mother, mother being a metaphor for India. So in singing the song, Muslims would be defying the tenet that says there is only one God. The poster also goes on to explain that Muslims must not be forced to choose the nation over faith.

According to experts in Islam, a learned individual who has an excellent command over Islam, Hindi and Gujarati has scripted the poster. Political drama was the first thought that came into the minds of most people who read the poster. One student said, ''It is quite obvious that this is some political gimmick to start some trouble for Wednesday's Ganesh visarjan.

'' Some, however, were convinced it for real and were upset over the poster's subject. After a while, a Hindu-Muslim duo, Imraan and Rajesh, spoke about the issue to the media and the crowd gathered at the spot. They said they had been friends since primary school and had been singing the national song ever since.

Imraan also said that he had no problem singing the song. The duo then proceeded to tear the poster to bits, leaving the message only in the minds of those who read it.


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