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Police tactics to protect the guilty Superintendent of Police

Posted on 27 September, 2006
The incident of an innocent member of Hindu Dakshata Samiti brutally had beaten up by Superintendent of Police.

Tulzapur: On 23rd September, Shri. Amit Kadam, a member of Hindu Dakshata Samiti (HDS) was unnecessarily beaten up by Shri. Shyam Dighavkar, the Superintendent of Police. In this context, a press conference was held and a demand was made to suspend the SP or else be prepared to face strong agitations. After the press conference, police called a member and argued with him for one and a half hours. The police tried to tell the member that if such news is published, people will lose faith in them.

The member, however was firm on his standpoint. The police department is trying their best to somehow save the skin of SP. Following the press conference, the police also called correspondents of 'Dainik Sakaal', 'Dainik Loksatta', 'Dainik Punyanagari', 'Dainik Samna’ etc. and gave a perverted version of the incident that Shri. Kadam pushed Shri. Dighavkar while he was passing by so Shri. Dighavkar hit him with a stick. Shri. Kadam, however, back answered the SP and therefore, he was beaten up. The police contended that Shri. Kadam did not behave properly even with Shri. Shinde, the Police Inspector. It is said that the SP has political support; but the Hindu organizations have decided to follow up the matter till end.

A representation was given to the District Collector (DC) of Usmanabad demanding suspension of Shri. Dighavkar. The DC said that the incident should not have taken place. Henceforth, care will be taken and Shri. Dighavkar will be reprimanded.

‘Maharashtra Times’ ridicules Hindu deities

Posted on 27 September, 2006
Employee arrogantly claims that they can also do the same with Prophet Mohammed or Jesus Christ.

Mumbai: The well-known Marathi daily Maharashtra Times has been publishing, during Navaratri, in its Mumbai supplement, an article titled “Ajachya Durga-Saraswati (Today’s Goddess Durga and Saraswati)” wherein famous lady achievers are introduced. Shri. Shivaji Vatkar, the Mumbai District Coordinator of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) was given evasive answers when he called up its office and tried to register his protest.

Many famous ladies in various fields have been introduced in this series of article like Rani Bung, known for working for the tribal population/natives, Arundhati Roy, writer, Condolisa Rice, Advisor to Bush Government, Dr. Rani Borges, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Shirin Ibadi etc. In this context, Shri. Vatkar registered his protest. An employee at the MT office said that it was only symbolic. Shri. Vatkar then asked whether the newspaper would dare to call an actor as Prophet Mohammad or Jesus Christ. The employee arrogantly replied that they would do so. He further advised Shri. Vatkar to send his contention in writing.

(We hope that ‘Maharashtra Times’ and its employees have not forgotten the Denmark issue, where innocuous cartoons of Prophet Mohammed led to worldwide violent protests from Muslims. In this context will they dare to compare any person with Jesus and Mohammed ? - Editor)

Contact Nos.: (9522) 56353636, 22733636
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Police have done their duty by beating up Amit Kadam, certifies SP

Posted on 28 September, 2006
Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Tulzapur: Shri. Shyam Dighavkar, the Superintendent of Police gave an explanation in the press conference that Amit Kadam was rashly driving his two-wheeler and talked very rudely with me when he was accosted by me. So the assistant policeman only once caned Shri. Kadam.

Shri. Dighavkar stated that while removing the encroachments on the road and controlling traffic, Shri. Kadam came on his two-wheeler with a very high speed. When the police tried to control him, he started shouting. Therefore, a policeman lightly hit him with a stick. The SP said that since Kadam turned out to be known to the local police inspector, he did not pay much attention to Kadam. Therefore, there was no question of him hitting Kadam. Shri. Kadam is making a mountain of a molehill.

If Shri. Kadam is wrong and the Police are right, why are they bringing pressure on Kadam to take back complaint through the medium of reporters?

In this matter even if we assume that the police are telling the truth, there is no law that will advocate beating someone brutally for being rude. The SP should also explain as to why action as per law was not taken. Police has no moral right to punish anyone when they themselves are not following the law.

Shri. Dighavkar is saying that a policeman lightly hit him with a stick then how could Kadam get seriously injured if he was hit only once?

Pressure from Christian leaders: Police cancel study tour of media persons to convent schools

Posted on 28 September, 2006
Panvel: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has started a campaign against St. Mary’s School at Panvel for hurting feelings of Hindus. HJS has been receiving complaints about even other missionary schools. In this background, a tour of all convent schools was organized; the police have, however, given in to the pressure put by Christian leaders and cancelled this study tour of mediapersons.

It has been learnt that Abraham Mathai, the President of all-India Christian Council was trying very hard for past few days, for cancellation of the tour. After receiving complaints from parents against St. Mary’s School, HJS lodged complaints with the Education Minister, Panvel City Police station and officials in the Education Department. HJS has stated in its complaint that not only at St. Mary’s School but also other convent schools like St. George, St. Joseph and Ryan International, feelings of Hindus are being trampled.

A tour was therefore, arranged of mediapersons to find the facts. But Shri. Raokar, the spokesperson of HJS for Raigad district was continuously getting calls from the police to cancel the proposed tour. When mediapersons gathered near the St. Mary’s School, the police from entering the school stopped them. When they contacted the senior police officials, they were asked to cancel their tour immediately. They were also warned that if still they try to conduct their tour, complaints would be filed against them. All the mediapersons were therefore, furious and opined that it was throttling of democracy.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Anti RSS move-Sonia's Ignorance or Arrogance?

9/29/2006 5:53:33 AM H.Balakrishnan

In a poor move aimed to get the applause of Minorities Sonia Maino and Co. had now turned against the largest voluntary organisation in the world-RSS

This effete UPA government has all but given up the fight against 'terror' as also the menace of 'naxalism' afflicting large tracts of our country.Viewed against this backdrop,the current railing of Sonia is akin to 'Nero fiddling when Rome was burning'!!

A doctoral thesis,presented at the Sorbonne University Paris, France,in 2003,by Dr. (Father) Vincent Kundukulam of St Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Aluva, Kerala,was titled:: Le RSS Et L'Eglise En Inde (RSS and Church in India).He is also the first clergyman to author a book on the RSS titled RSS: Enthu? Engott? (What is RSS and Where is it headed for). Fr. Kundukulam argues against branding the RSS ideology as fascism, Nazism, fundamentalism and communalism. He said the terms fascism, Nazism, and fundamentalism are much abused terms in India. They have a distinct connotation in the European context that can hardly apply to the Indian milieu.He admires the RSS for the dedication and discipline of its cadres, the simple life style of its pracharaks, the moral teaching it imparts to the younger generation in its daily sakhas, and the voluntary labour put in by its cadres at critical times such as natural calamities. Wonder what our 'seculars' have to say to this 'blasphemy'?!!

In a speech in the U.S.A.recently Swami Dayanand Saraswati,stated:“The Indian economy is encouraging due to the efforts of the previous governments.The discouraging thing is that we don’t have well wishers of Hindu dharma in government. Hindu dharma has survived on its own steam for many centuries without any support. Now-a-days organized institutions with governmental support are working against Hindu dharma.”

Viewed against the foregoing,the rantings of the Italian 'signora',only serves to exhibit her 'ignorance' of the ethos of this ancient land and this organisation

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Government ploy to take over 4 lakh temple trusts in Maharashtra

Posted on 26 September, 2006
HJS decided to challenge the Anti-Hindu policies of the Government with all its strength

The Government has appointed its officer even on the Siddhivinayak Trust and misappropriated Trust’s funds. Now it wants to take over even other temples. Hindus should realize that under the guise of secularism, the Government run by both the Congress Parties is trying to assault Hindus’ places of worship. If Hindus do not unite against the Government, the places would be destroyed soon

Maharashtra Government is planning to take over trusts of temples and financial trusts under its 15th Regulation. As per the report of the committee formed in this respect, the government is going to take over these trusts and appoint their representative. The information was given by Shri. Mangalprabhat Lodha, a BJP MLA.

In a meeting to oppose the Government’s move leaders of Jain sect planned to hold agitations in three stages. More than 600 staunch Hindus attended the meeting and decided to participate in the agitation. Under article 25 and 26 of State Regulations on Secularism, everyone has freedom to follow any religion. Even then, the State Government is planning to pass such black Act against Hindus. At the same time, the Government is trying to exclude 80,000 Muslim Trusts from the purview of this Act. The Committee will decide further course of action after taking legal advice from prominent persons in the field.

The Congress Government always has an eye on the funds belonging to Hindu temples. It is looting the Government coffers and on the other hand, it is now planning to seize the milking cow. On one hand, it is declaring financial aid to madarassas and on the other hand, the Government is planning to take over Hindu temples. The malpractices in managing funds of Sree Siddhivinayak temple trust makes Government’s motive in having control, quite clear. A few days back, Karnataka High Court had admonished the State Government that they can not take over only Hindu temples. Even then, the State Government in Maharashtra is planning to take over Hindu temples. Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the States Spokesperson of HJS said that the Samiti would fight the anti-Hindu ploy of State Government will all its strength.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Atrocities on kashmiri pandits will be brought before the people – HJS

Posted on 25 September, 2006
Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Mumbai: A delegation of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), under the leadership of Shri. Ramesh Shinde, spokesperson for the state of Maharashatra met Dr. Ajay Shrungu and Shri. Sunil Bhat, the President and Office bearer respectively of ‘Panun Kashmir’, an organization of Kashmiri Pandits. The Organization had put up an exhibition of photographs at Ravindra Natya Mandir about atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits.

Shri. Shinde assured that through the medium of HJS website and periodicals of Sanatan Sanstha, people would be made aware of Kashmiri Hindus’ oppression by fanatic Muslims and terrorists. The issue will reach not only people in India but also all over the world through the website.

Dr. Shrungu and Shri. Sunil Bhat showed their willingness to offer necessary assistance in this regard as also proposed to discuss the matter in detail with the HJS members. They have extended invitation to the delegation to visit them again. In this exhibition, photographs of Muslims oppression on Hindus, inhuman killings of Hindus, how Hindu temples are destructed, looting of Hindus and how the Government is protecting Muslims are on display. All the photographs are very live and show the real happenings on the scene.

There are photographs like how displaced Hindus are put up in a transit camp near a dirty nullah, how a Hindu woman was tied to a jeep with a rope and dragged for about 20 kms. and killed. There are many temples in which Muslims have broken idols. Obscene pictures have been drawn and matter written on the walls and sanctum sanctorum of temples.

There are more than 100 photographs on the exhibit, which make one’s, blood boil. Not only terrorists but also Kashmiri Muslims have also destructed about two thousand Hindu temples in the last decade. Dr. Shrungu presented copies of ‘Kashmir Sentinel’, a mouthpiece of Kashmiri Pandits’ Organization to members of HJS and promised to remain in touch with them. He also approved publishing of the true incidents in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’. Shri. Uddhav Thakare, the Chief Executive of Shiv Sena and Shri. Sanjay Raut, a MP also visited the exhibition. They assured that the exhibition would be put up at various places on behalf of Shiv Sena.

28 communist terrorists also involved in Maradu carnage

9/26/2006 12:51:00 PM

BJP demands CBI probe into Marad carnage

Kozhikode, Sept 26: Reacting to media reports on the "disclosures" made by the Marad judicial inquiry commission, the BJP in Kerala on Tuesday urged the LDF government to order "without any delay" a CBI probe into the largescale violence at Marad beach near here in May 2003 that claimed nine lives.

"The BJP and other Hindu organisations' repeated demand that the massacre should be probed only by a central agency has been vindicated by the (inquiry) report and the government should not waste further time in ordering such a probe", BJP state president P S Sreedharan Pillai told reporters here.

Noting that his party was of the firm opinion that only a agency like the CBI could effectively probe the "conspiracy angle" that led to the killings besides tracing the involvement of suspected extremists organisations, Pillai said the crime branch failed to probe such primary issues.

Claiming that as many 28 communist party activists were named as accused in the violence, he expressed fear that the CPI(M), now heading the ruling front, might try to protect them by misusing the official machinery.

"Stern action should be initiated against those officials who earlier tried to protect the CPI(M) volunteers responsible for the incident", he said, adding while the accused list also comprised activists of the IUML and the Muslim extremist outfit National Development Front (NDF),"not a single activist of the BJP or RSS" was stated to be involved in the attack.

The Thomas P Joseph Commission was appointed by the previous Congress-led UDF government to study and submit a detailed report on the May 2003 massacre that followed the January 2002 violence in the same area in which five persons were killed.

The report is likely to be placed in the State Assembly soon.

Maradu Report points to Foreign hand and NDF involvement

9/26/2006 5:48:00 AM HK

Kozhikode:Maradu Report submitted by Justice Thomas P Joseph, confirms the presence of Foreign Islamist Terrorist organisations in Kerala and their links with Kerala based Islamic Terrorist wing NDF.

The report also slams then Home Ministry under A.K.Antony in preventing the massacre of 8 innocent Hindus in Maradu by the Islamic fundamentalists.

The report says Muslim League leaders Moyin Haji and Moitheen Koya had prior knowledge about the conspiracy and those leaders of the so called secular party Muslim League, was supporting the brutal killings.

The Report instructs government to conduct CBI enquiry as the present investigation was not sufficient to unearth the deeper conspiracy.

The Hindu organisations demanded CBI enquiry from the starting,but succumbed to the pressure of Muslim League, Congress led UDF ministry were not ready for it.The names of Kunhallikutty and E. Ahammed were in forefront among who planned and safeguarded the conspirators.

Present LDF government is trying to shut off the case making few High officials as scape goats.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Communal Communist's

9/24/2006 2:24:48 PM Vijayalakshmi

It is a pity and a thorough shame that a Hindu minister in the Left front Govt of West Bengal was made to eat humble pie and apologize to the supposedly secular CPI(M) leadership for his “conduct of praying at a temple and declaring that he is first a Hindu.”

Contrast to this the same left front Govt in West Bengal is spending a whopping Rs130 crores annually on madarsas in the State. Mr.Abdul Sattar, West Bengal’s Minister of State, Minorities Development & Welfare and Madarsa Education has said that while advertising for the post of madarsa teachers they insist that “teachers should have knowledge of Islam and its culture.” It is also said in the news report that 12% of the students in the madarsas are non-muslims.

There is a dearth of Govt schools in Bengal which is why poor Hindu students are forced to go to madarsas. It should be noted here that the Education porfolio in the Leftist fortresses of both Bengal and Kerala are with Minorities and therefore they are thriving in both these states at the cost of the tax-payers. This is also a ploy to de-hinduize the Hindu.

The CPI(M) dare not dictate terms to their minority cadres. They can remain ‘proud muslims and Christians and be true to their respective religions. Only Hindus are despicable in their eyes and so only they are expected to be ‘secular’.With his warped idea of secularism, Mr.Sitaram Yechury never loses an opportunity to smugly refer to the BJP and Sangh Parivar as ‘communal elements’. The truth is, it is his party is in the forefront in communalizing and fishing votes from it.

They are enabling the Islamization of Bengal and its probable integration with Bangladesh in future. They are just ‘helping’ the people who are filling their coffers and therefore are working towards the ‘Unification of Bengal’, you get it? In the light of the above, Hindus owing allegiance to the CPI(M) who have any sense of self-respect should do some re-thinking and soul-searching and leave the Islamist and divisive CPI(M) for good.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Harassement and Torture by TTD Vigilance and Officials

Respected Sir,

I would like to bring to your kind notice that, I, Omprakash Agarwal, working as a Reporter and South India Co-ordinator in your Esteemed Channel was Harassed and Tortured by TTD officials on 30th July to 1st August 2006.

Sir, I went to Tirupathi after consultation with Senior Executives and your goodself to cover a program on Christian Religious Propoganda in Tirupathi-Tirumala for our Channel based on reports from various leading dailies of South India (ie. Vijay Karnataka, Samyukata Karnataka, Indian Express and many more print and electornic media). I also took tips from the Report of the "Fact Finding Committe" deputed by Pejawar Math Swami Sri Vishweshwar Thirtha Swamiji to probe into the affairs.

Sir, As you are aware I went to Tirupathi on 29th to Cover the Episode, I made some coverage in local Tirupathi area on 29th and on 30th Morning, I went to Tirumala Hills to cover the program with a local escort by name Damodaran aged 20-22 Years, who was familiar with local language and place. Damodaran had arranged a vehicle to take me to Tirumala. We first went to the Foothills known as Alipiri around 10:45 A.M (30th July), We reached Tirumala around 12:20 P.M and I got down near Krishna-Arjun park at the entrance of Tirumala to take few shots of some shops selling Cross and other items. Based on information received, I left for Papavinasham where there were reports of conversions taking place. We searched all the place in Papavinasham but could not gather any information, later we left for a place called as Balaji Nagar on the outskirsts of Tirumala. We enquired from various sources on the route to Balaji Nagar, as it was in news for propogation and other religious activities. At around 3 P.M, we entered Balaji Nagar searching for houses conducting Sunday prayers, Balaji Nagar is a very large Residential area which houses to about 1,000 - 2000, but almost after1 hour search we could not trace anything, We continued our search and finally around 4: 15 P.M, we came across a few houses where Cross marks were put outside the houses. We immediatley stopped our vehicle and I took video shots of 2-3 houses. After taking shots we went futher to enquire if there were any Christian families in the locality. The residents denied saying that there were no one there, When we were just talking to the ladies, two people came to us and enquired who we were. I said I am a reporter and he is my escort from Tirupathi. They did not believe us. They alleged that we only painted the cross and were shooting, They caught hold of us and within fraction of second over 60 people had gathered at the venue and harmed us physically. They took away our belongings containing our Handycam, Mini Dvs, Mike set, Channel (ID) Logo, & Bag containing clothes and cash. After a few moments The Vigilance department Officials of TTD arrived, They too harmed us and snatched away our mobile phone and took into custody all our belongings. Later they took us to the Vigilance Office led by NAGU REDDY ( V.C.O) in Tirumala and beat me and my escort Damodaran. After sometime we were taken to Joint Executive Officer Shri Dharma Reddy, there also we were beaten with sticks and were booted by this Nagu Reddy (Vigilance officer), his assistants (Murthy and others) and Dharma Reddy. Later they began to see our Video footage which we had covered. We had taken a few shots of shops in Tirumala selling Cross items. The Vigilance Officer asked me to accompany to pin point the shop where it was sold. They took me in a high secuity vehicle as a criminal to the shop. I pin pointed the shop from where Cross was sold. The shop keeper was bought to the Vigilance office and he was made to say by the Executive officer and Vigilance officer that it was I who gave him to cross to sell it. That shop keeper too was threatened to tell lies as he too was at their mercy. We were shocked seeing this behaviour of the officials who were all there to fabricate cases against us for shooting this in Tirumala. I protested and pleaded to the executive officer to show the Tape once again so that I could explain him. I pinpointed that all the products in the shop keepers premises had same company brand packing. Rather than accepting the mistake, he immediately asked his men to delete this portion of shots from the Video Dv's. The Torture continued till late night and they were forcing us to confess that we belonged to some organisaition or have been sent by some agent to blaspheme Tirupathi-Tirumala. Vigilance Officer had gone to the extent of threathening us with a loaded PISTOL to confess, otherwise he would get us killed in an ecounter declaring us as ISI Agents, Terrorists, or Naxalites. But by the grace of God and intervention by the Sub-ordinates, it did not work out. Before that they had invited all the Media persons both from the print and electronic media at the vigilance office and paraded us, and gave a one sided press note to them without allowing us to speak with the media men.

At around 2:00 A.M on 31st morning, we were sent to II Town Police Station in Tirumala. The Sub Inspector interrogated us and we apprised him about all the events which took place and placed all the facts before him. After giving our statement, he provided us some place to sleep and said he will come back in the morning. On 31st Morning at 8:00 A.M, DSP of Tirumala Shri. Satyanarayana had come to the station to interrogate us, he interrogated for around 1/2 an hour and left the place. Again around 1:30 P.M, we were shifted to DSP Office and there we were interrogated by the Superitendent of Police Shri Gopal Krishna. We put all facts before him. He was convinced by it and he openly expressed in the presence of other officials that we were INNOCENT. Later he made arrangements for Lunch for both of us. Later in the evening the Police Officials had a meeting with the TTD officials and there they had decided to release us. At Around 9 P.M, the Police Department arranged for a VIP Darshan at the temple and they later asked us to write a statement at the Tirumala II Town Police Station.
Two Sub-Inspectors took our statements and after completing, we were requested to leave the place. The S I said it was already 12: 00 A.M and it was not safe to leave at that time. He said that we could leave in the morning.

We were forced to spend one more night in Police Station and we anxiously waited for the dawn. Next day morning the Sub Inspector arrived around 7 A.M (1st August 2006) and we asked his permission to leave. He said he would consult the Supdt of Police and only after that we could leave the place.

When the S I spoke to S P, he refused stating that "there is pressure from Higher officials not to let you, as we need to interrogate both of them". It was frustrating moments for us, in the meanwhile our friends from other media on hearing our news had come all the way from Bangalore to bail us out. My escort was taken to SP office in Tirupathi and there he was interrogated by the Crime Police. That went on upto 7 in the evening. At around 9 P.M the S.I said that I could leave for Bangalore. I was bought down by a constable who escorted me upto Tirupathi.

The SI asked us to leave for Bangalore, he also sent his constable along with us to Bangalore. Next morning we reached our house and the constable accompained me till my house, He left after he took an undertaking from my mother stating that I have reached Bangalore safely.

Sir, I did not understand why there was a conspiracy to fabricate us in false cases. Is it just because we had collected some information and video shots of some incidents in Tirumala which are already popular with other Media.

I will not be surprised, if they may cook and fabricate some more cases against me to suppress some more facts. THE CONSPIRACY HAS BEEN EXPOSED.

A) Is it not an Attack on freedom of Press?
B) Is it not human rights violation to beat brutally with sticks and kick with boots?
C) Is it not a Conpiracy to Implicate us in False Charges?
D) Is it not a violation of press rights to Seize Press Material?
E) Is it not human right violation to issue Threat to our Lives?

If it is so, then what for is the Right to Information Act ?

Thanking you

Yours Truly

Omprakash Agarwal



Huge rise in the usage of veil in Kerala

9/21/2006 4:25:22 PM Raghavan Nair

In the recently published survey conducted by Sastra Sahithya Parishad (Read as an organisation specifically designed to accomodate the so called 'Marxist intellectuals') on various social issues, revealed that in 20 years time the usage of purdhah/veil among Muslim women has gone up from 10% to over 30%!

What could be deduced from this?Are we progressing or fanaticism is spreading effectively in the state in various disguise? Women right and Human Right activists are least bothered about this increasing Gender discrimination among a major community in Kerala.

To the security agencies, personnel in veil pose a great threat. The terrorists and such undesirable elements in society find the veil the easiest of things to move around freely and unchallenged.

An instance to quote in this regard is the great escape of Mr.Bani Sadr from Iran. Mr.Bani Sadr was the first elected Prime Minister of Iran after the historic revolution lead by Ayatollah Khomeini. And it was in Iran that the use of veil was made compulsory. Within months after the revolution, Mr.Bani Sadr had fallen from grace of the Ayatollah and when his life itself was in danger, he escaped from the country by disguising as women and the protection of the veil.

So, in Kerala we must be cautious about the rise in percentage of the veil users.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Foreign funds and "Harvesting of Souls"

9/19/2006 10:28:25 AM Bala

The Ministry of Home Affairs has put the proposed Bill in the public domain for comments. The Bill consolidates the law relating to the acceptance and utilisation of foreign contribution or foreign hospitality by individuals, associations or companies and prohibits acceptance and utilisation of foreign contributions or hospitality for conversions and anti-national activities. Christian missionaries and other organisations accepting foreign contributions for mass conversions in India will come under the Government's scanner as per this Bill.

Daily Pioneer, September 18th, 2006


Its about the time 'NGOS,Activists and Foreign Funds :Anti-Nation Industry’ by Shri Krishen Kak and Smt. Radha Rajan has so incisively brought out

By way of 'starters',here are are a few excerpts from four books, which reveal the extent of the 'ANTI-NATION INDUSTRY' that foreign funds are involved in,as also the 'lack of response' from our 'secular' governments at the Centre.


Excerpts from ‘Will the Iron Fence Save a tree hollowed by Termites’- Arun Shourie (Rupa&Co)

What the ‘Task Force on internal security ‘(Headed by Shri N.N.Vohra, Former Union Defence Secretary) and 'Border Management’(Headed by Shri Madhav Godbole,Former Union Home Secretary) Noted in their report to the NDA Government.

(A) 'It is relevant to note that under the FCRA no organization of a political nature,not being a politicl party,and no association,other than the aforesaid organization,having definite cultural,economic,educational,RELIGIOUS,or social programme,can accept a foreign contribution without the prior permission of or registration with the MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (MHA).The law provides for auditing/inspection of the donees' accounts and ALSO PUNITIVE ACTION FOR VIOLATIONS.'

(B) 'A number of specific issues were raised with MHA regarding the enforcement of FCRA. WE COULD NOT GET THE REQUISITE RESPONSES ON THE GROUND THAT THE RELEVANT INFORMATION COULD BE SUPPLIED AFTER THE ONGOING COMPUTERIZATION PROCESS IS COMPLETED. This law was ENFORCED 24 YEARS AGO; by now at least the essential data should have been available with MHA. We also gathered the impression that the functionaries responsible for handling this important area of work were NOT ADEQUATELY SENSITIVE TO WHAT EXACTLY IS REQUIRED TO BE MONITORED AND HOW'.

(COMMENT: There are many such strictures against the functioning of the MHA that can be read in the report of the 'TASK FORCES'. What hope then for optimism on 'THE PIONEER' report? More so as the 'TAMAS-SICK' Shivraj Patil heads the MHA???)

Excerpt from the ‘Catholic Ashrams-Sannyasins or Swindlers’- Shri Sita Ram Goel,(Voice of India)


The following figures of foreign funds flowing to a few of the Christaian organizations in India during 1986 were provided by the Government of India. There are hundreds such organizations spread all over the country. We have taken the figures from 'HINDUISM TODAY' which cited them in its issue of OCTOBER,1987:



OF GOSPEL, A.P. -RS 17,548,000/=




BANGALORE - RS 6,741,000/=



NEW DELHI -RS 20,568,000/=



HYDERABAD - RS 22,092/=


DIOCESES - RS 57,709,000/=

(If Twenty years back this was the condition, what will it be now?)


Excerpt from the ‘Conversion to Christianity-Aggression in India’-Dr M.S.Srinivasan,First Public Protection Trust

News Report in ‘The New Indian Express’,January 10,1999

' The Annual Budget of the Federation of Evangelical Churches of India,earmarked RS. 2.6 lakh SPECIFICALLY FOR CONVERSION of 700 people. Similarly, Friends of Missionaries prayer band, Annual Budget shows that RS.1.45 crore had been spent on conversion of 3400 persons'.


Excerpt from ‘Missionary activity &Secularism :Pope’s visit’- David Frawley (Aacharaya Vamadeva Shastri) Bharatiya Pragna-October 1999,Vol-1 Number-4

"The missionary business remains one of the largest in the world, AND HAS ENORMOUS FUNDING ON MANY LEVELS. There are full-time staffs and organizations allocating money, creating media-hype, PLOTTING STRATEGIES and seeking new ways to promote conversion.The local native religion has about as much chance against such multinational incursions as a local food-seller has if McDONALD's moves into his neighbourhood with a slick, well-funded advertising campaign targeting his customers. YET WHILE MANY DEVELOPING COUNTRIES HAVE GOVERNMENT POLICIES TO PROTECT LOCAL BUSINESS,THEY USUALLY DON'T HAVE ANY MECHANISM TO PROTECT LOCAL RELIGION".

Muslim Municipal Councillor abuses Hindu deities in house: Denies to apologize!

Posted on 20 September, 2006

Party behind the mask of secularism! - Editor
There was once again a commotion in the Municipal Corporation Hall over 'Vande Mataram'. The councillors from the ruling party Shiv Sena and BJP were enraged over derogatory comments passed by a Muslim lady councillor about Hindu deities. The lady councillor was 'gheraoed' and slogans were raised against her that she should apologize for her comments. The atmosphere in the hall heated up. Finally, the Mayor warned her, on behalf of all members. Therefore, she withdrew her comments. In the last meeting held by Municipal Corporation, Muslim councillors, as also councillors belonging to parties like Congress and Samajawadi party expressed their strong opposition to 'Vande Mataram'! The leader of the House said, ‘Why Congress should oppose 'Vande Mataram' when earlier it had accepted ’Vande Mataram’ as a National Song’. The lady councillor, in question, recited a 'sher' which ridiculed Hindu deities. Finally, she did not apologize but just took back her words.

Jinnah remains their idol

KR Phanda

In his article, "Jinnah right on Vande Mataram" (September 13), Mr Obaidur Rahman Nadwi quotes Mohammed Ali Jinnah saying that he had objected to the singing of Vande Mataram by Muslims as it was against their religious tenet. He is right and so are other Muslim leaders. But Jinnah was also right when he proposed the exchange of population between India and Pakistan as an integral part of Partition. Jinnah, along with seven other Muslim League leaders, had argued that because of their religion, tradition and history, Muslims could not live peacefully with Hindus in a Dar-ul Harb.

Former Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia M Mujeeb wrote in his book, Islamic Influence on Indian Society: "At a party given in the UN General Assembly session in 1949, I had the pleasure of being placed next to the Turkish representative. He looked at my name card and saw that I was a Muslim and at once asked, 'Are there still any Muslims in India?' It is believed that the sub-continent had been divided between Hindus and Muslims with all Muslims on the one side and all Hindus on the other."

From Mr Nadwi's comments, it would seem the fault lies with Muslims who decided to stay in India despite a separate homeland having been created for them. If they agree with Jinnah not to sing Vande Mataram, why did they not migrate to Pakistan where they would have been governed according to the Sharia'h? Having stayed on in India, they are expected to abide by the laws and culture of the land.

It is not good to cry every time there is an effort to integrate Muslims with the mainstream. Muslims want to be treated like a minority, whereas Pakistan and other Islamic countries never take care of their minorities. According to international laws, Muslims cannot claim the right to being called a minority, especially after having got a separate homeland.

Have Indian Muslims ever spared a thought for the Hindus who stayed back in Pakistan? It is well known that both Pakistan and Bangladesh have been cleansed of their Hindus. Muslims are advised to seek safeguards and rights keeping in mind the special concessions that have already been provided to them.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Muslim municipal councilor abuses Hindu deities in house: Denies to apologize

Posted on 20 September, 2006
There was once again a commotion in the Municipal Corporation Hall over 'Vande Mataram'. The councilors from the ruling party Shiv Sena and BJP were enraged over derogatory comments passed by a lady Muslim councilor about Hindu deities. The lady councilor was 'gheraoed' and slogans were raised against her that she should apologize for her comments. The atmosphere in the hall heated up. Finally the Mayor warned her on behalf of all members. Therefore, she withdrew her comments. In the last meeting held by Municipal Corporation, Muslim councilors as also councilors belonging to parties like Congress and Samajawadi party expressed their strong opposition to 'Vande Mataram'. The leader of the House said that why Congress should oppose 'Vande Mataram' when earlier the party had accepted it as a national song. The lady councilor, in question, recited a 'sher' which ridiculed Hindu deities. Finally, she did not apologize but just took back her words.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pakistan printing fake Indian currency notes at Quetta

9/19/2006 11:20:00 AM

AFP reported on September 18 that a Pakistani Government printing press in Quetta, capital of Balochistan province, is reportedly churning out large quantities of counterfeit Indian currency. The rupee notes are then smuggled into India as "part of Pakistan's agenda of destabilising the Indian economy through fake currency," according to Times of India. The notes are "supplied by the Pakistan government press free of cost to Dubai-based counterfeiters who, in turn, smuggle it into India using various means," the report said quoting a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) note to Indian security agencies and the finance ministry. It also mentioned how fake currency notes were concealed in music systems, crockery boxes and washing machines, and sent to India through 'carrier' air passengers who were paid Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 for carrying a consignment from Dubai and other Gulf countries.

The CBI also reportedly mentions Bangkok as a major centre of fake Indian currency notes production — smuggled into India through Nepal and Bangladesh.

The Reserve Bank of India has estimated the amount of fake currency in circulation at almost 1.7 trillion rupees (37.5 billion dollars), the report said.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Education Minister codemns convent school for harassing Hindu students

Posted on 16 September, 2006
Education Minister taking cognizance of the Samiti’s complaint immediately called for issuance of an order for enquiry of the school by the Deputy Director of Education.

Mumbai: A delegation of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) met the Education Minister Shri. Vasant Purke today in Mantralaya to discuss the issue of injustice being inflicted on Hindu students of St. Mary School at Sukapur in Panvel Taluka. Taking cognizance of the Samiti’s complaint, the Education Minister immediately passed an order to the Deputy Director of Education for initiating inquiry on the school.He also gave an assurance that, if needed, he would call for a joint meeting of the HJS and the school administration for resolving this issue through dialogue.

At this time, Shri. Ramesh Shinde, Spokesperson of the HJS for Maharashtra State; Shri. Abhay Vartak, Member of Sanatan Sanstha’s Committee for Redressal of Injustice; Shri. Mahendra Patil, BJP President of Panvel Taluka; Shri. T.D Mhatre, Representative of aggrieved Parents and Shri. Bapu Raokar, Spokesperson of the HJS for Raigad District were present. In this meeting which lasted for half an hour, the HJS presented the Education Minister with complaints of the injustice occurring on Hindu students with proof, in the form of a letter. This letter includes various complaints enumerated below. Also, a CD containing complaints of the aggrieved parents was presented to the H’ble Minister. This letter specifically mentions that inspite of the H’ble Minster’s appeal regarding not to hold the exams during Ganeshotsav, the St. Mary School administration put mental stress on students and their parents by doing so!

The St. Mary School has thus displayed it’s improper adamant attitude by disobeying the H’ble Minister’s orders. Parents have complained about the illegitimate actions of the school management to the HJS. Complaints enumerated in the letter are as follows:

1.The school administration forbids Hindu girl students from wearing a ‘bindi’ on the forehead, wearing bangles and applying ‘mehendi’ on their hands.

2.When Hindu boy students apply ‘Tilak’ on their forehead on any given day, they are forced to wipe it off!

3.The school authorities cut off Rakhis adorned by Hindu boy students on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan!

4.Hindu students are forced to recite Catholic prayers against their wishes!

5.The school notebooks have the Catholic prayer printed on the first page, while India’s pledge and its National Anthem stands printed on the last page!

6.Every classroom has only Jesus’ picture.

7.Class I students are being made to study the subject of Maths from four different textbooks. This is against the stipulated rules.

8.The seating arrangement for students in the school is pathetic.

9.Many people opine that the school does not have administrative approval of the Govt. The school management refuses to disclose the legal documents of the school and when questioned, gives vague answers.

10.Parents are not allowed to enter the premises of school!

11.An inhuman punishment of 75 sit-ups is given to small children!

12.On the day of the Hindu festival of ‘Gokulashtami’, when other schools in near vicinity had declared a holiday, St. Mary School forcibly called its students.

All these acts are unjust and have been committed with malice towards Hindus. Thus, they have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. This has led to deprivation of the right to freedom of religion as awarded by the Indian Constitution.

Thus, the Samiti has launched an agitation against this. The Samiti alongwith other Hindu organizations and political parties had stormed the St. Mary School administration on 5th September 06. The Samiti in it’s letter has also said that, the Director of the school had given an assurance of stopping these malpractices in seven days with effect from 5 September 06, but did not take any measures in this regard.

The Education Minister read the whole letter and said that, it was wrong on the part of the school to conduct exams during Ganeshotsava and that there is no reason for any objection to any religion. The Indian Constitution has given freedom to all its citizens to abide by their respective religions. Hence, nobody can apply force in case of religious issues. He asserted that, instructions would be given to schools to ascertain that they do not hurt religious sentiments in this manner. He also stated that the suggestions given by the Samiti are appropriate and the school will be made to abide by them. The Minister also clarified that he would personally look into this matter and call a meeting of the Samiti and the School Administration in his presence as soon as possible.

SBE found guilty in USA for writing against Hindus in the school textbooks

Posted on 17 September, 2006
New York:The ‘Hindu American Foundation (HAF)’ and other staunch Hindus had filed a
petition against the School Board of Education (SBE), California for publishing certain matter in the text books set for sixth standard which was against Hindus. The Californian High Court has convicted the SEB as it has infringed the Californian Administrative Procedure Act.

It is stated in the text that there is casteism in Hindu religion and even women are not treated equally. HAF had therefore, filed a petition that the matter published in SEB books was wrong. The Judge not only accepted HAF’s contention but also said that SEB always infringes the law misusing its powers. HAF had demanded that the controversial portion should be excluded from the textbooks and books may be re-printed.

But the Judge rejected HAF’s demand saying that it would create hindrance in studies and SEB should be given reasonable time to bring about the changes. HAF has planned to file a petition in the Supreme Court to exclude the controversial portion from the textbooks. It was the first time that the Hindus based in USA have come together to fight for a cause.

Maradu:Disciplinary action against fanatic Collector and others

9/18/2006 1:45:53 PM HK

Thiruvananthapuram:As per the Maradu commission report Kerala Government ordered disciplinary action against four Bureaucrats, including then Kozhikode Collector T.O.Sooraj (Son in law of a Muslim Congress leader) in connection with Maradu massacre of eight Hindu Fisherman by Islamic Terrorists.

Then Kozhikode IG, Mahesh Kumar Singla, Kozhikode City Police Commissioner Sanjiv Kumar Pad Joshi and Assistant commissioner Abdul Hakkim are the other three officers.

As per Maradu Commission report they had misused Governmental machinery to support and protect the Islamic terrorists, who brutally murdered eight Hindu fishermen.The report had criticized the role of Union Minister E. Ahammed also in triggering tension in the area following the riot.

Temple encroachment in the name of adventurous Tourism

9/18/2006 8:29:44 AM HK

Pathanamthitta:In the name of Tourism Marxist Government in Kerala is trying to encroach Temples in the state.

Present move is to acquire more than 10 acres of land under Sri HaraMaha Deva temple Devaswom in chuttipara to promote adventurous Tourism in the rocks belonged to Temple.

Three temples in Sri Maha Deva Rock, Ganapathi Rock and Subramnya Rock is now facing threat from the Atheist Communist regime in the state.

Devotees and Devaswom had planned for elaborate developmental activities and this attempt from the part of Government is to thwart this attempt.

Muslims in the area tried to intimidate the devotees in various ways including Bomb threat in past.

Devaswam and Hindu organisations condemned this move from the Government and told that they will collectively protest any move aimed to hurt the sentiments of devotees in the area.

Courtesy:Janmabhoomi Daily

Grenade recovered in Kerala, supplied by ISI

9/18/2006 2:37:32 PM

Fanatics have vowed that they will make ‘Kerala another Kashmir’, and going by the explosive nature of the terrorist activities going on in the tiny State, it seems, their aim is not a far cry or bravado. In continuation of the terror activities going on in the State for almost two decades, a high explosive grenade H-E 36, of capacity to destroy anything within 30 metres around it, wrapped in green cloth with Islamic markings was found under a bridge culvert in Kappanvila near Kallambalam in Attingal taluk of the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. This area is a strong hold of the Islamic terrorists, NDF. According to the police sources, the high intensity grenade might have been abandoned after police started house to house searches in the light of the nationwide alert against terrorist strikes.

Senior officials of the State intelligence, IB, Defence establishment etc. who inspected the grenade said that no markings were visible on the grenade. They feel, it is the type supplied by ISI, to Islamic terrorists elements and Naxalite groups. According to them these types of grenades are given to Kashmiri terrorists, when they undergo training in Pakistan and Bangaladesh and they pass it on to Islamic terrorists in various parts of India to train their cadres. They say that this clearly establishes the link of Kerala terrorist outfits with Pak supported anti-national groups in Kashmir.

RSS chief asks Hindus to remain united

9/18/2006 8:00:55 AM PTI

NEW DELHI: RSS chief KS Sudarshan on Monday asked Hindus to remain vigilant and stand united against "clandestine attacks" to weaken the community and confine it to the pages of history.

"An invisible and silent attack is being waged against the community to weaken it from inside. We have to remain vigilant against such attempts," he said after releasing a book written by Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy in New Delhi.

He said the country has slipped in a "state of coma" after the wave of foreign invasions right from the Mughals to the British, losing its focus and identity and called for a Hindu awakening.

"Hindus should awaken and search for their identity to defeat evil forces who are trying to destroy their culture," he said and asked everyone to raise their voice against religious conversions.

Interestingly, he said the caste system prevented disintegration of the society under the Mughal and British rule as there was no insecurity among people because their roles and jobs were clearly demarcated.

His views were echoed by Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati, who said visiting temples and participating in religious activities were not enough to save the religion.

The book titled Hindus Under Siege—The Way Out speaks about the alleged clandestine defamation of Hindu icons and symbols, demographic restructuring of Indian society, systematic and continuing distortion of India's history and terrorist activities targetted against the Hindu community.

"The UPA government is soft on terrorism and is trying to divide the society on the basis of caste lines," Swamy alleged and called for Hindu renaissance in the country.

School following the path of their notorious Saint

9/16/2006 9:39:36 PM HK

Bangalore: The Ryan International School of St. Xavier group is literally following the path of St. Xavier the notorious Portuguese Missionary.Hidden conversion agenda practiced by this School in Marthahalli came into light due to the effort of vigilant parents of the students.

In the name of Moral Science classes and Moral education programme, Children are fed with Anti Hindu speeches and coaxing the innocent Hindu kids to stop going to Temples and instead forcing them to attend Churches.Aiming the brain washing of innocent kids hate literature boasting the superiority of Church over other religion was also supplied.

Parents shocked by this, lodged a complaint with Mahadevpura police, who have registered a case under Section 295 A of the IPC — deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs.

Parents, Public and Hindu organisations in the area led protest march to the school and burnt the hate literature distributed by them.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

CPM attack on Sree Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations

9/14/2006 5:03:53 AM HK

Thalassery: CPM Thugs hurled bombs on Hindu Devotees who were gathered in Komothupara in Thalassery for Sree Krishna Jayanthi celebrations.

Sabarinath (24), a BJP member is admitted in Thalassery General Hospital with injuries.

The attack is the part of CPM's strategy to aleinate the Hindus from the cultural roots by means of terror.The overwhelming support of awakened Hindus in the state especially in Marxist strongholds in Kannur had caused panic and havoc in the minds of Marxist intellectuals.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Urgench: Krishnaites persecuted as public enemies

11.09.2006 15:22 msk

Syd Yanyshev

Uzbek krishnaites
Krishnaite communities in Uzbekistan are not numerous at all. Krishnaites number 150 people at best in the capital city of Tashkent. Fortunately for them, this community is officially registered by the Justice Ministry as a religious organization. This status permits Krishnaites in Tashkent to own a large mansion across the road from the mental diseases hospital not far from the Northern Railroad Station.

In the meantime, Krishnaites clad in orange silks no longer meditate in the center of Tashkent the way they did 15 years or so ago. Everything is different now, and even the color of the traditional accoutrements may make the authorities suspicious. In any case, Krishnaites in Tashkent do not complain. They have their mantra Hare Krishna! Hare Rama! to rely on.

Their brothers in faith in the distant city of Urgench are considerably less lucky. Even the mantra does not help there. Most Krishnaites flee Urgench altogether, unable to tolerate the campaign of harassment. The impression is that the whole world has rallied against these hapless innocents who aren't even dedicated Krishnaites. There is only one faithful in all of the city, the man who observes all rites. He is left alone for the time being. Instead, the authorities riveted their wrath on whoever visits the one Krishnaite for even so innocent a purpose as asking to be given something to read.

Ruzinboi Hasanov
Ruzinboi Hasanov
"Whoever is interested in the Conscience of Krishna nowadays is doing so at his or her own peril," Ruzinboi Hasanov, translator of Vedic texts into Uzbek and the one Krishnaite in Urgench, said. "Particularly students. Persecution began at the Faculty of Biology of the Urgench Medical Institute four years ago give or take a couple of months when everyone known as reader of Krishnaite books was branded as a public enemy. Institute administration was convinced that Krishnaites "assassinated Indira Ghandi and conspired to engineer a coup d'etat in Russia" and that "they study Kamasutra that urges its readers to engage in sex every day."

Students interested in Krishnaism found themselves in trouble. Officers of the National Security Service battered Jalil Abdullayev, a student they wanted a confession from. Five other students were forced to sign false statements to the effect that they knew Jalil as a preacher of Krishnaism. Jalil wouldn't confess. He was battered black and blue for his "obstinacy".

"I know several officers of the National Security Service, some of them from the department that deals with confessions," Hasanov said. "They do not know what is happening. They say they sent a cable to the Committee for Religions in Tashkent and received a reply to the effect that Krishnaite books are not on the list of outlawed publications. Also importantly, this persecution campaign is waged by officers from other departments, the ones that are not supposed to handle religious matters at all. I suspect that were paid to launch this campaign."

"My own place is under surveillance. Whoever turns up at my door - no matter under how innocent an excuse - finds himself in trouble," Hasanov continued. "Jalil came over once, and the dean of his institute got a phone call the following day. "Send Abdullayev down or we will take measures," he was told in no uncertain terms. Abdullayev was summoned to the dean's office and informed that he was out because he had missed 30 hours of lectures. Jalil referred to one other student who had missed 200 hours and wasn't any worse off. He told the dean that he would complain... In short, he was merely ousted as the course leader. Abdullayev was then summoned to the local office of the National Security Service and beaten there. His interrogators wanted Jalil to make a statement that I had said something insulting against the president of Uzbekistan. Jalil refused."

"We, Krishnaites, do not watch TV. We do not even know where the president is at this or that moment. We are not interested in politics. We do not even study religion, we study the God. The Veda is knowledge of the God and we share this knowledge with others. It's science we deal in, not religion. The Constitution of Uzbekistan states that every citizen may obtain and spread information, and that's what we are doing. We spread information on the God and that does not have anything to do with preaching or religion," Hasanov said. "The National Security Service in the meantime spread the rumor that Krishnaites were bad folk to chum up with and that four young men were sacked from an institute for being Krishnaites. All of Urgench rallied against us then. Families grew scared and put their children under pressure. Readers of Vedic literature were persecuted."

Hasanov continued, "One of my acquaintances by name of Nadira was beaten and locked up at home by her own father. Nadira, 23, is a teacher. She managed to escape and made it to Tashkent where she spent the following two months at her friends'. It was only then that she summoned the courage to phone her parents. The parents said that she had disgraced them, that they disowned their daughter, and that she was a public enemy now... The police found Nadira and put her in the detention cell of the Uch-Tepe District Department of Internal Affairs. Her father and fiance travelled to Tashkent in order to have her institutionalized but the fiance rebelled at the last moment. The father then took Nadira home and locked her up again. Her young man returned to Urgench too but... In short, we do not know anything about Nadira now. We do not even know if she is alive."

Mukaddas Kurbanova
Mukaddas Kurbanova
"We are a homeless family now," Mukaddas Kurbanova of Urgench told Ferghana.Ru. "We lived with my husband and my daughter at our own place once and everything was all right, but my father-in-law decided that he didn't like it that we read Krishnaite literature and that we never ate meat or drank alcohol. He took our passports and my husband's KamAZ truck and locked us up forcing us to eat meat and drink vodka. We called a local human rights organization whose activists came over and had the father-in-law return our passports to us. That was when we hit the road."

"We cannot get back what belongs to us," Kurbanova said. "We approached every structure we could think of - courts and so on - but we are always told that this is our own family affair we should sort out on our own. My husband went to the police with a complaint against his father but nobody would listen to him. When the father-in-law discovered it, he branded my husband, his own son, as the Wahhabi, and he was immediately arrested. We fled to Tashkent as soon as he was released and were taken up by some friends of ours..."

"It would have been all right had we managed to register our own organization in Urgench," Hasanov concluded. "As things stand, however, it's a vicious circle. We need at least 100 signatures on the petition for registration, but who is going to sign the petition when Krishnaites and sympathizers are persecuted? People are afraid, and that means that registration is out of the question."

"As we are known as religious people, we cannot even have some tea in groups of more than three people," Hasanov said. "We are said that more than three people means an organized group i.e. an organization that is not registered. Why is it that a believer cannot visit a friend? Everyone who visits me is summoned to the National Security Service. That is why we are shunned. I do not see any way out."

Stone pelting by Muslims on Ganesh idol: Many injured

Posted on 13 September, 2006
Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Similar incidence had taken place in Dharashiv, Dist. Osmanabad, Maharashtra. These incidences show that police, Congress will not help Hindus; we have to unite to protect ourselves. - Editor

Tulzapur, Maharashtra: On Anant Chaturdashi, the last day of Sri Ganesh festival, a procession was taken out for immersion of Sri Ganesh idols by 'Veer-Shaiva Tarun Mandal' at Katgaon (Tal. Tulzapur, Maharashtra). While the procession was passing by a mosque, some Muslims pelted stones at the procession causing damage to Sri Ganesh idol and injuries to many people participating in the procession.

The Muslims were shouting slogans of 'Pakistan Zindabad' while pelting stones. Due to the damage caused to the idol, people were livid with anger. The situation in Katgaon became quite tense. Members of the Ganesh Mandal called the police and demanded to register complaint against those Muslims. The idol was immersed only after an assurance was given to arrest the culprits.

The devotees who participated in the procession, however, told that while registering complaint against the miscreants, police have mentioned in their FIR that due to pelting of stones at the procession, loud-speaker has been damaged. When the residents and members of the Ganesh Mandal asked the police to write a true report, instead of taking action against the Muslims, police started threatening the members. In fact, the police inspector said that if the members tried to insist on writing a complaint, he would register a complaint against the members of Ganesh Mandal and give evidence against them.

When it was noticed that there were no hopes of the local police doing justice and taking action against the culprits, a complaint has been sent by fax to Shri R. R. Patil, the Dy. Chief Minister. Some of the members of Ganesh Mandal have been seriously injured and admitted to a hospital in Solapur. About 7-8 Muslims were involved in the crime.

It is being said that a local MLA from Congress party has brought pressure on the police.

Islamic terrorism in rise in Malabar

9/13/2006 7:04:37 AM HK

Kannur: Sleeping cells of Islamic Terrorists are much more active now a days inspite of the recent arrest of SIMI terrorist from Kochi.

In Pannur near Kannur, the antinational activities are going on under the disguise of a Yunani centre.People reports that arms training and study classes are going on in the area during night time and there was sudden influx of vehicles coming and going in night in this small town to attend these Terrorist training camps.

In Badagara Islamic Terrorist activities are based on a hide out near a Mosque in Badagara town. These terrorists are aiming to destroy the communal harmony in the state, The attack on Vinayaka Chathurthi celebrations in Badagara was also the handi work of these criminals.

Although police is aware about this sprout of terrorism in the area, Due to lack of support from Govt. and the accusations from so called intellectuals and Human Right activist when a iIslamic Terrorist is arrested make them inactive.

SFI attack on Vandemataram celebrations

9/13/2006 5:59:42 AM HK

Thiruvananthapuram:Anti national students wing SFI of Marxist party showed their true colour once again yesterday by attacking students in Govt Law College and Law Academy here for participating in Vandemataram celebrations organised by ABVP here.

The SFI goons shouted and howled when Vandemataram was progressing and attacked the students and burnt the flag of ABVP in the campus.

Rakshabandhan celebrations were also under attack by these followers of Marx in colleges.They are desperate by the increase in awareness and interest among youth and their preference to stick back with the cultural identity of the nation.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Indian Media-Islamophillic/Islamophobic?

9/11/2006 3:54:16 PM HK

When the Hindus question the conversion activities in Christian Schools, there comes a huge cry from Media but if the same is being questioned by Muslims, The whole media is mum!

The whole national and even some international media carried top stories abusing the Students who led a protest march to the convent school in Lucknow, but our Secular media missed out a similar story from Pulwama district in J&K. There a Missionary school have been closed for five days based on allegations of conversion, the only difference is that there Missionaries tried to convert Muslims.

Our secular media is bribed only to scribe against Hindus, If there is an issue between Muslims and Christians they know how to play the game safely, without annoying the both.

In Malappuram, a Muslim majority district in Kerala, threatening of convent schools by Islamic Extremists are common. The Muslims won’t allow the schools to run if the Christian schools demanded the removal of head scarf of Muslim girls nor if they force Muslim students to attend their prayer.

For Missionaries it was always the Hindus the soft target, Christians won’t dare to meddle up with Muslims. One can also notice little of conversion activities in Muslim dominated areas or in Muslim nations.

Recently a Muslim from Wayanad district converted to Christianity from Muringoor Divine centre and took up the job of Preacher, within weeks after his conversion he was kidnapped by Islamic extremists. No hue and cry over the issue or protest marches for CBI enquiry.

The media in India was always in forefront to impose the lofty ideals of tolerance and humanity when the Hindus start protesting but a shameful silence if the same comes from the other side. Is it because of Islamophilia or Islamophobia?

After 20 Yrs,Hindus may have to convert for Higher education

9/11/2006 10:23:41 AM HK

Kollam:In the Educational sector Hindus in the state are completely marginalised by the Marxist-Muslim-Missionary nexus,Says Bharatheeya Vicharakendram working president Dr.C.I.Issac.He was speaking on ‘Backwardness of Hindus in Educational field,after 1960” in a Seminar organised by Hindu Aikya Vedi in Kundara yesterday.

Blind Islamisation, Marxism’s influence on the syllabus and the Christianization of Educational Institution are the three main threats now Hindus are facing in Kerala.

Thanks to Muslim Ministers which occupied Educational Ministry, Almost all offices under Educational sector is filled with Muslims. Marxist ideologues formulating Syllabus, does their own part to demoralise the great Hindu Culture and Philosophies.Christians managed to grab the Majority of Educational institutions in the state.

Prior to 1960, 80 % of Language and Social Studies syllabuses taught students about Puranas and Vedic Literature which gave students insight to our Great Culture ,But now it has reduced to meagre 16%, that also aiming to denigrate Hindus. The hidden agenda to alienate the Students from a great culture and to give them a falsified History is in practice now days.

Present Self Finance college bill itself is primarily made to wipe off Hindus from the professional education. After 20 years a Hindu have to Convert to Christianity or Islam to attain Higher Education. When 17300 Doctors and 1,70,000 Engineers belong to Minorities, Hindus getting admission will be only 3600 and 28,000

When Muslim-Marxist-Missionary lobby controls the whole sector and grab the rights of Hindus in Kerala, We are divided under various caste organisations fighting each other for meagre Reservation. If had a look into Kerala’s history we can see the cunning Missionary hands in shambling the Hindu Unity efforts.