Thursday, August 24, 2006

NDF terrorists behind Gurumandiram attack
8/24/2006 8:15:09 AM HK
Sasthamkotta: Police investigation on Guru Mandiram attack points to the involvement of NDF terrorist in the area.

Guru Mandiram was attacked on Tuesday Night by some unknown assailants.People near by saw four people dressed in white clothes in Motor Bike, escaping from the spot.

There was meeting of Campus front the student wing of NDF terrorist in that area and police believe the miscreants must have came for that meeting.Their uniform was also white which coincides with description given by near by people. Police dog directed the Police towards Mailadumkunnu,which is a NDF stronghold.

The attack on Statues of Sree Narayana Guru and Chattampi Swamikal is common in the area,These attacks are planned purposefully to create skirmishes between two major Hindu communities in the Kerala.

SNDP is conducting Hartal today in Kunnathur Taluk in protest against the attack


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