Thursday, August 24, 2006

American game-show blatantly denigrates deities

Posted on 24 August, 2006
Daily Sanatan Prabhat
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An anti-religion TV channel in USA showed a program denigrating Lord Shiva, Buddha, Moses and Jesus. The program was titled WWE on the lines of the popular program called WWF using wrestling as a medium for the gameshow. A similar wrestling game like WWF was shown with the participants attired in the dresses of the above worshipped figures and deitites. The program that was supposed to be entertaining, was in fact, very much despicable and while giving a commentary on the program, disgraceful language was used making mockery of our worshipped deities/ figures. A staunch Hindu named Parminder Shah has sent the film of the program to INDIA TV. This channel published the news yesterday creating a wrath among staunch Hindus.

Lord Shiva, worshipped by Hindus, Gautam Buddha worshipped by Buddhists, Moses and Jesus revered by Jews and Christians respectively are taken in the above gameshow. All the four are shown wrestling with each other, in turns. Like in WWF games, the auditorium is overflowing with spectators. The famous wrestler Edge and the comedian actor Cordlose play the role of commentators in the show. Other players in the game are wearing attires similar to those of the worshipped deities/ figures and shown in a very disgraceful and despicable manner.

A player looking like Gautam Buddha enters the ground. A spectator then goes to him and makes fun of him. He has been shown as a waiter from a Chinese restaurant. Therefter come Moses and Jesus. A commentator says, “Even if Jesus comes late, do not worry.” Two nuns from the audience take autograph of Jesus. The other commentator,
Edge says that women love Jesus. They get fed up of Edge (him) but never get fed up of Jesus.

All of them play wrestling for a while. Commentators say that Jesus is pinching Buddha. Later, Shiva and Moses and Shiva and Buddha wrestle, in turn. The comnetator says,”Now Buddha is twisting hands and legs of Shiva. It is then shown as Buddha has cornered Shiva. Then the Commentator says, “It seems that Budha likes sandwich. You will also enjoy this because Buddha has now defeated Shiva.” Shiva is shown as defeated and sent out of the wrestling ring. Then it is shown that the stage is broken. The comnetator says, “Noe Buddha has caused such an earthquake that all deities have surrendered to him.” Thereafter, Jesus puts his foot on Buddha’s head and the land turns into water and drowns Buddha. In the end, the commentator says that Jesus is defeated by Edge. Lord Shiva has been shown in a very disrespectful way in the show. Besides, the two hands attached to Shiva look very revolting. Buddha has been shown with a big belly. Our worshipped figures are shown in such perverted manner and even the language used is very disgraceful. One will not be able to see such inferior quality program. [In the beginning of the game, Lord Shiva has been introduced as the ‘Hit’ man of Hindus. Shiva introduces himself as the deity that causes destruction. Then he says, “If you have not purchased the magazines then do not read them.” Then the audience makes fun of him by booing with their thumbs down]


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