Thursday, August 31, 2006

CNN-IBN documentary glorifies Jehadi terrorism

8/31/2006 8:31:36 AM B.R.Haran

Chennai:CNN-IBN pseudo secular channel is now all bent to glorify the Jehadi Terrorism.It was shocking to see a documentary on the world's most dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden titled "In the footsteps of Bin Laden" aired by CNN-IBN channel on Saturday the 26th & Sunday the 27th of August.

It is a surprise how the authorities gave permission to the channel to telecast such a documentary. The documentary, which was aired as a 'CNN Exclusive' had a lot of footages from 'Al Jazeera'.

It may not have much impact in western countries as the Muslim population is on the lower side and their politicians do not indulge in minority appeasements in the name of secularism. Whereas, in our country, where we have almost 15 crore Muslims & especially at a time when the innocent Muslim youths are being misled to the path of extremism by organizations such as SIMI, Al Umma, TMMK & NDF, this documentary would definitely have a terrific impact and will only help to pace up the recruiting process initiated by Jehadi terrorist organisations.

The time chosen by this channel to telecast this program, especially in the aftermath of Amsterdam incident, Mumbai blasts & Vande Mataram controversy, shows its intentions, which amount to glorifying terrorism & going against the interests of our nation's unity, integrity & security. The channel owes an answer to the people of this country & this move deserves to be condemned by one & all.

Vande Mataram must be made mandatory for all: RSS chief

8/30/2006 2:13:56 PM DNA

RSS chief K S Sudarshan on Wednesday said the singing of Vande Mataram should be made compulsory in all schools, including madarsas.

"Why not? It has to be made compulsory everywhere," he told reporters when asked whether the singing of the national song should be made compulsory in Islamic schools.

His comments came after he released a book titled "Samrasta Ke Sutra" in the capital.

"One who does not consider mother India one's own mother cannot be the citizen of India," Sudarshan remarked.

In his address earlier, the Sangh chief also credited the RSS with efforts to bring about equality in Indian society.

Also, he said the RSS aimed to consolidate Hindu society by breaking caste prejudices.

"We all are Hindu brothers. Castes will be there. But, we should aim to end prejudices that have arisen from them," he said.

He insisted there have been attempts to break the Parivar. "There is foreign funding to break the Parivar, but it is still intact," he added.

Hindus in US resolve to form religious political party

The 12th Hindu Sangathan Divas (Hindu Unity Day) in New York has unanimously resolved to form a Hindu political party in India.

At a meet on Wednesday attended by over 700 Hindus, a resolution on forming a Hindu political party was read by Srichand Sidhwani, a senior community activist.

It was seconded by Babu Suseelan, a psychiatrist from Pennsylvania, according to India Post, an ethnic newspaper.

Hindu religious leader Sadhvi Ritambhara and Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy led the meet.

"The main aim for this political party would be to safeguard the legitimate interests of Hindus in India, preserve the Hindu character of the country, and ultimately capture political power," Swamy said.

Earlier, Narain Kataria, president of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, the chief organiser of meet, congratulated Hindus of America for making the Hindu Unity Day a great success.

"Your presence here in this auditorium in big numbers demolishes the fallacious theory propounded by the prophets of doom that Hindus cannot be united. Your presence in this hall exposes the myth that Hindus cannot speak in one voice. Your presence is a testimony to the fact that Hindu unity on an all-India level is a practicable and feasible proposition," he said.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Muslim college bans Onam celebrations

8/30/2006 4:59:35 AM HK

Kozhikode:Onam is finally a Hindu festival. Not only secular leaders to agree to it but also conspire to hijack the festival from minds.

A major controversy has erupted in Kerala on the eve of Onam with the Muslim management of AWH Educational group in Kozhikode refusing permission to the students to celebrate Onam on its campus on 01 September before the college closes for the holidays.

The management is of the view that Onam is a Hindu festival and they would not give permission to celebrate it within its compound in view of their religious outlook and also to uphold the secular values of the educational place!

The same college that cannot agree to a Hindu festival has no qualms in declaring a holiday on the said day. It also refused the children yesterday to pout 'pookalam' in the campus. The defiant students cutting across party, ideology and religious lines put the 'pookalam' at the gates of the college and boycotted classes.The college authorities have closed the college and hostel till the end of the holidays.

During Ramzan time no one will see AWH secretary in Kozhikode, He will be busy raising funds for Islamic terrorism in Gulf Countries as ‘Sakath’.Apart from foreign money, The AWH institutions also gets huge grants from central and state government. Staffs complains that they wont get salary at time and many of them gets less salary but has to sign of forms with high salary. This is to claim grants from the Government showing false details.AWH had accumulated acres of land all over Malabar with the help of Foreign funds, Huge fees from Students and Financial frauds to cheat the Government.

KT Jaleel, MLA, in a TV interview has clarified that Onam is not a Hindu festival and its a secular festival celebrating the harvesting of crops. He has failed to explain what secularism has to do with harvesting of crops and also failed to explain what role the Hindu gods and Mahabali has on this festival in Kerala!

In Gulf countries many of the Kerala Muslim organisations keep away from Onam celebrations, terming it as Hindu Pagan Festival and now through AWH,Fundamentalist Muslims had openly came against Onam which was portrayed by the secularists as the festival of Religious unity.

We hope this will be an eye opener for the Hindus of Kerala of the coming danger that is lurking in air. The days are near when many of our festivals and culture will be gradually wiped of the face from our society.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Powerful Grenade recovered from Thiruvananthapuram

8/29/2006 10:30:29 AM HK
Thiruvananthapuram : Kerala Police today recovered a powerful Grenade from Varkkala near Thiruvananthapuram. The grenade was manufactured for Indian army & other defense purpose only. The Police authorities have already launched an enquiry to find out the sources. Accordingly to the Police officials, the area where the grenade was recovered is a stronghold of one of the Islamic terrorist organization in Kerala. But state Police refused to comment whether this organization is NDF.

Pathanamthitta-Southern H.Q.of Jehadi Terrorism

8/29/2006 6:50:46 AM HK

Pathanamthitta: State intelligence submitted reports to the Home Ministry against three Muslim Policemen for supporting Islamic Terrorism in the district.

The accused Police were directly involved with Islamic Terrorism and gave arms training to many of their new recruits.

Jehadi sleeping cells are detected in Kozhencherry, Thiruvalla Konni,Panthalam and Adoor in the District. Pathanamthitta is gaining the status as the headquarters of Islamic Terrorism in south kerala

Kerala village targeted by Evangelist's

8/29/2006 4:19:34 AM HK

Neyattinkara: As part of global conspiracy for Mass conversion in India, Christian Missionaries targets a small village in Kerala,Perunkadavila, near Neyattinkara.

A group of Missionaries visits Hindu homes, when there are no male members in the Home, They will start preaching and try to allure them by offering Financial benefits. and if the Family opposes they will start abusing Hindu gods and the family members.

The conversion activities are aiming the houses around three village temples in the area.Illegal construction of a church is also going on in the area.

Hindu Aikya Vedi warned of repercussions, if the situation continues.

Courtesy:Janmabhoomi Malayalam Daily

Monday, August 28, 2006

Suicide of harrassed Hindu girl,Faisal gets 7 yrs RI

8/28/2006 12:20:20 PM HK

Kozhikode:Kozhikode fast track court awarded seven years rigorous imprisonment and 25000 Rupees penalty to a Muslim youth Faisal here, who was found guilty for the suicide of Saranya.

In 2005June 17,Saranya was harassed in public road by Faisal when she was going to near by Temple in Vilooni near Vadagara.Second year Degree student Saranya was shocked by the incident and ended her life due to his harassment.

More bombs recovered from Jehadi stronghold

8/28/2006 7:24:18 AM
KOZHIKODE: Eight bombs and two swords were recovered from the house, during police raid after a blast in Nadapuram. The bomb blast was in an uninhabited house of a Muslim family.Nadapuram is the Hotbed of thriving Islamic terrorism directly funded by Middle East money.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Arjun surrendered to radicals on 'Vande Mataram' issue: BJP

8/21/2006 1:44:59 PM

New Delhi, Aug 21: The BJP on Monday accused Union HRD Minister Arjun Singh of surrendering to anti-national forces by declaring there was no compulsion on schoolchildren to sing "Vande Mataram" on September 7.

BJP leader Vijay Kumar Malhotra also lashed out at Muslim clerics opposing the Central directive on the national song, demanding they be booked for treason.

"The HRD Minister's remarks that there will be no compulsion to sing 'Vande Mataram' is a sign of abject surrender to fundamentalists and anti-nationals who should rather have been told to leave India if they do not want to recite the national song," Malhotra told reporters here.

The BJP leader said the Prime Minister should intervene to ensure singing of the national song became compulsory in schools.

"Also, those who are refusing to sing 'Vande Mataram' should be booked for treason," Malhotra remarked.

In a statement here, the VHP also demanded cases be registered against those who have refused to sing the national song.

Citing religious reasons, some Muslim leaders have opposed the Central directive to schools over the recitation of the first two stanzas of the national song at 11 am on September 7 to mark the centenary of its adoption.

In the wake of Muslim opposition to the directive, Singh yesterday said the singing of the national song at schools was not mandatory.

Naxals gun down 75 Year old farmer for defying their diktat

Saturday August 26 2006 11:03 IST

GUNTUR: The CPI-Maoists shot dead a farmer, who is also the president of the local water users association of Guttikonda village in Piduguralla mandal, in the wee hours of Friday.

The farmer, identified as Nalavolu Naraiah (75) was trying to cultivate on some endowment lands, which the Maoists had already distributed to the Dalits and the backward communities in the village.

Early on Friday, four armed Naxals came and jolted Naraiah out of his sleep. He was shot from point blank range. He died on the spot.

Naraiah’s family has been enjoying the endowment lands in the village, but the Naxals had distributed the land to the Dalits in 2002. When the family members defied the Naxal diktats and tried to cultivate the lands, the Naxals had killed Naraiah’s relatives N Borraiah and N Srinivasa Rao in 2003 and 2004.

Piduguralla CI B Seetaramayya, who visited the place of incident, arranged for shifting Naraiah’s body for post-mortem at the government hospital in Gurajala.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Boom Boom Bhumana - Bye Bye Balaji

8/26/2006 5:41:18 AM S.V.Badri

The second line can shock you out of your sensitivity, skip it, if you are weak hearted.

"Give me an old chappal, I will use it to slap that Black stone"

(Oka PAta Cheppu Ivvandi, Nenu Ah Nalla RAyini Kodatanu) " .

The Nalla RAyi in reference is none other than the Saligrama Vigraha of Bhagawan Venkateshwara Swami, housed under His Aananda Nilayam inside His sanctrum at Tirumala.

This was not uttered by E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker, whose love to hand out such special treatment to Hindu Gods (Never the yesu or allah) is shamefully well-known to all Tamils, including me.

Locals in Tirupati attribute this shocking statement to none other than the person who is now anointed as the Chairman of the TTD Board, Bhumana Karunakar Reddy.

Bhumana Brothers.

Bhumana Subramanya Reddy and Bhumana Karunakar Reddy.

What is so special about these brothers that Samuel Rajasekhar goes all out to please them?

Dropped out of S.V.Arts College in the Seventies after his infamous brawl with the then Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ramachandra Reddy; the younger of the Bhumana Brothers, Karunakar Reddy was a known atheist and a radical commie. His elder brother was no different being an active cadre of the commie group and a prominent member of VIRASAM (Viplava Rachayitala Sangham). Arrested in 1974 as an anti-social and released after a hand-written apology/guarantee cum undertaking that he will reform himself, the elder of the Bhumana brothers managed himself a job as a lecturer in a TTD run college.

Samuel has made the elder brother the Director of SVETA (Sri Venkateshwara Employees' Training Academy), the Academy that trains the TTD Employees. No wonder, you find many of them discourteous. It is a classic example of direct infiltration of the commies in a Hindu Religeous Institution.

The younger Bhumana is always a step ahead of his elder sibling. Around 1977, he was arrested as a radical and was put in Nellore jail, which had a famous inmate, Raja Reddy, the late father of the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Samuel Rajasekhar who was hauled up as an anti-social element.

What transpired inside the prison continues to remain a mystery. Karunakar Reddy soon endeared himself to Raja Reddy who in the later days started treating him as he would his other sons.

Once out of jail, he started working for certain "projects" of Raja Reddy, moved into Tirupati to become a part of Sidharth Travels, which wound up in due course. It was during this period that the late Durga Prasad of Andhra Jyoti/Andhra Prabha propped him up and with the backing of Raja Reddy, he started Rajasekhara Reddy Youth Forum and went about conducting street meetings in favour of Samuel.

A well known radical, his non-traditional wedding at the Balaji Bhavan was attended by none other than the late Commie stalwart, Tripuraneni Madusudan Rao. A few years ago it came to surface that after the attempt on the life of Gadhar, the Commie Balladeer, Bhumana family were all along serving as guardians of Gadhar's son. Such is the deep bondage between the Bhumana and the Boom Boom tribe of commies.

Bhumana Karunakar Reddy's graph soared silently along with that of Samuel's. And it is said that Raja Reddy had taken a promise from his illustrious son, Samuel Rajasekhar that he would support Karunakar Reddy at all times, thick and thin.

No wonder, that in 2004, when Samuel became the C.M., the first thing he did was to instal Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, the younger Bhuman as the Chairman of TUDA (Tirupati Urban Development Authority).

And what more? He got a Government Order issued to make the Chairman of TUDA as Ex-Officio Member of the TTD Board. This was his breaking in of Bhumana K Reddy into the TTD.

It is not very clear if Bhumana Karunakar Reddy is a crypto-christist or a great sympathiser of his benefactor's religion. I would not be surprised if he is playing a dual role.

The appointment of Bhumana Subramanya Reddy as the Director of SVETA and now the anointment of Bhumana Karunakar Reddy as the Chairman of the TTD Board, insiders feel there is something radically wrong with the system.

Boom Boom Bhumana - Bye Bye Balaji

Hindu slogans taboo in Kerala

8/26/2006 8:20:02 AM HK

Thiruvananthapuram:‘Hindu’’Sanskrit’’’Culture’ ‘Bharath’ ..These all are few words which hurts the religious beliefs of certain people in Kerala.

Those Vehicle owners who inscribe any Patriotic/Cultural/Hindu Slogans beware; You may be called into Police Station and may receive warnings to rub it off. Because it is hurting the Sentiments of Minorities and Human Right people!

Many Auto Drivers in Thiruvananthapuram city, is being warned by Traffic Police to rub off Hindu Slogans from their Auto Rickshaws.

Traffic CI Mohanan Nair called Anil Kumar an Auto Driver to Traffic Police Station based on a complaint received from ‘Human Right Law Network’. The complaint was the Slogans Hindu Unnarnnal Desham Unnarnnu (Hindus arousal is Nations arousal) Samskrithathil Samsaarikkuu, Samskara Sambannaraakuu (Talk in Sanskrit,Be Culturally Rich) written in his AutoRickshaw seems to hurt their Sentiments! He was threatened to rub it off otherwise to face consequences!Anil Kumar is an active member of Samskritha Bharathi.

This is happening in same Kerala where,one can see display of Biblical and Quranic quotes and Slogans encouraging Conversion everywhere.

Yesterday a Sanskrit Teacher was beaten up for tying Rakhi.

Today an Auto Driver is penalized for writing Slogans

Tomorrow it may be you for having Sandal wood paste in your forehead or your wife for wearing the Mangala Sutra

"Minority Pamphlet culture" to pressurize Govt.

8/26/2006 7:42:04 AM HK
Kottayam: Pamphlets glorifying banned terrorist organisation SIMI was widely circulated yesterday during Friday prayers in many of the mosques in Kerala.

The Pamphlet issued in the name of NDF, challenges and questions the Anti Terror probe in Kerala in connection with the arrest of SIMI terrorists from Kochi.

The Pamphlet aims to raise the communal sentiments against the Terrorist arrest, justifies the actions of terrorists and accuses government for acting in behalf of America!

This pressurization technique against Government, when there is a slight move from the part of Government which may be unfavourable to them is being successfully used by Minorities against the ruling Government for years.

The Pamphlets circulated by Church against Self Finance college bill and urging Catholics to increase their Population had created a row few weeks back.

Marxist TV Channel promoting conversion
8/25/2006 4:16:26 PM HK

Thiruvananthapuram :The program “Sathgamaya” broadcasted by Kairali People TV was shocked by scores of Keralite Hindus. The program is broadcasting by Marxist, Kairali People TV channel everyday from 4.30pm to 5pm IST.

DrJohnson Thekkadayil, with generous help from his interviewers, is openly trying to convert Hindu people to his spectacularly intolerant religion of Christianity.

It is all the more shocking that such an attempt should be made with the help of a TV channel owned by the atheistic comrades.

The name of the program "Sathgamaya" is borrowed from a Hindu Vedic shlokam, obviously a covert attempt to impress gullible Hindu viewers that this is a spiritual program, not an attempt to convert them to a foreign faith

Thursday, August 24, 2006

American game-show blatantly denigrates deities

Posted on 24 August, 2006
Daily Sanatan Prabhat
Image Hosted by

An anti-religion TV channel in USA showed a program denigrating Lord Shiva, Buddha, Moses and Jesus. The program was titled WWE on the lines of the popular program called WWF using wrestling as a medium for the gameshow. A similar wrestling game like WWF was shown with the participants attired in the dresses of the above worshipped figures and deitites. The program that was supposed to be entertaining, was in fact, very much despicable and while giving a commentary on the program, disgraceful language was used making mockery of our worshipped deities/ figures. A staunch Hindu named Parminder Shah has sent the film of the program to INDIA TV. This channel published the news yesterday creating a wrath among staunch Hindus.

Lord Shiva, worshipped by Hindus, Gautam Buddha worshipped by Buddhists, Moses and Jesus revered by Jews and Christians respectively are taken in the above gameshow. All the four are shown wrestling with each other, in turns. Like in WWF games, the auditorium is overflowing with spectators. The famous wrestler Edge and the comedian actor Cordlose play the role of commentators in the show. Other players in the game are wearing attires similar to those of the worshipped deities/ figures and shown in a very disgraceful and despicable manner.

A player looking like Gautam Buddha enters the ground. A spectator then goes to him and makes fun of him. He has been shown as a waiter from a Chinese restaurant. Therefter come Moses and Jesus. A commentator says, “Even if Jesus comes late, do not worry.” Two nuns from the audience take autograph of Jesus. The other commentator,
Edge says that women love Jesus. They get fed up of Edge (him) but never get fed up of Jesus.

All of them play wrestling for a while. Commentators say that Jesus is pinching Buddha. Later, Shiva and Moses and Shiva and Buddha wrestle, in turn. The comnetator says,”Now Buddha is twisting hands and legs of Shiva. It is then shown as Buddha has cornered Shiva. Then the Commentator says, “It seems that Budha likes sandwich. You will also enjoy this because Buddha has now defeated Shiva.” Shiva is shown as defeated and sent out of the wrestling ring. Then it is shown that the stage is broken. The comnetator says, “Noe Buddha has caused such an earthquake that all deities have surrendered to him.” Thereafter, Jesus puts his foot on Buddha’s head and the land turns into water and drowns Buddha. In the end, the commentator says that Jesus is defeated by Edge. Lord Shiva has been shown in a very disrespectful way in the show. Besides, the two hands attached to Shiva look very revolting. Buddha has been shown with a big belly. Our worshipped figures are shown in such perverted manner and even the language used is very disgraceful. One will not be able to see such inferior quality program. [In the beginning of the game, Lord Shiva has been introduced as the ‘Hit’ man of Hindus. Shiva introduces himself as the deity that causes destruction. Then he says, “If you have not purchased the magazines then do not read them.” Then the audience makes fun of him by booing with their thumbs down]

Hindu saints dismayed at opposition to 'Vande Mataram'

8/24/2006 8:50:49 AM PTI

New DelhiSeveral Hindu saints have expressed dismay over a section of Muslims opposing to singing the Vande Mataram, India's national song.

Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Chidanand Saraswati and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and several other saints have also instructed all Hindu religious places and congregations to start singing the Vande Mataram, according to a press release issued by the Art of Living Foundation.

"Religious intolerance has to stop somewhere. Today, it's Vande Mataram, tomorrow it could be refusing to say 'Namaste' or seeking the removal of the saffron colour from the national flag. This will harm the composite culture and social fabric of India," the release quoted them as saying.

In the release, the saints also urged the Prime Minister not to ignore Hindu religious leaders and interact with them as he often does with ulemas.

They also called upon Muslim intellectuals to condemn the attempt to insult the national song in the name of religion.

NDF terrorists behind Gurumandiram attack
8/24/2006 8:15:09 AM HK
Sasthamkotta: Police investigation on Guru Mandiram attack points to the involvement of NDF terrorist in the area.

Guru Mandiram was attacked on Tuesday Night by some unknown assailants.People near by saw four people dressed in white clothes in Motor Bike, escaping from the spot.

There was meeting of Campus front the student wing of NDF terrorist in that area and police believe the miscreants must have came for that meeting.Their uniform was also white which coincides with description given by near by people. Police dog directed the Police towards Mailadumkunnu,which is a NDF stronghold.

The attack on Statues of Sree Narayana Guru and Chattampi Swamikal is common in the area,These attacks are planned purposefully to create skirmishes between two major Hindu communities in the Kerala.

SNDP is conducting Hartal today in Kunnathur Taluk in protest against the attack

Strip christian converts of Quota benefits- Tribals

Ranchi, Aug 24: Jharkhand tribal leaders and priests want immediate stripping of reservation facilities of past members of their community who are now converted Christians.

The tribal group, known as Sarna, has demanded that the reservation facilities provided to tribal Christians be stopped immediately.

The Kendriya Sarna Samiitee (KSS), one of the prominent organisations, has taken the lead in making the demand.

"The tribals who have converted to Christianity should be stripped of the scheduled tribe category status. They should not be given reservation facilities in government jobs and educational institutions," said Ajay Tirkey, president of KSS.

"The Supreme Court ruling says that the converted tribals can enjoy reservation facilities only when they practise the Sarna tradition. Here converted tribals follow the Christian traditions," Tirkey said.

The Sarna Samiti cites the examples of the difference between the converts and original tribals.

Supporting the view, Arjun Oraon, another tribal leader, said "The Christian missionaries convert our people allurement and then force them to follow their culture, tradition, mode of prayer and other things."

He said, "The tribal Christians should not clubbed with us as it will pose danger to our existence. They are provided all facilities by the missionaries and we cannot compete with them. If this continues then the spirit of reservation will not work in our favour."

The tribals also cited the Supreme Court ruling in case of a tribal girl marrying an upper caste Hindu.

"While the child of that woman loses all facilities provided by the government to tribals, the same should be applied in case of converted Christians as well," they argued.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Arati Link On Government Website Causes Controversy

Posted on 23 August, 2006
Congress, charged the government with furthering the 'saffron'agenda of RSS and VHP

BHOPAL : The inclusion of a link for conducting arati (a Hindu prayer ceremony) at Ujjain on the state's public relations department website has stirred considerable controversy. Describing the step "as a violation of the tenet of secularism enshrined in the constitution of India," the Congress, the main opposition in
the state, charged the government with furthering the 'saffron' (Hindu nationalist)
agenda of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad
(VHP). The party warned of an agitation in case the idea to include the arati on the site was not dropped.

The arati link, however, is still under construction. State Congress leaders, including its general secretaries Manak Agrawal and Syed Sajid Ali, said the
government should desist from identifying itself with one religion, especially in a
democratic country like India. However, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs
Narottam Mishra dismissed these allegations and said the aratis in Ujjain were a part
of the state's spiritual and cultural heritage and therefore providing a link on the website was not wrong. He added: "In the month of Ramadan, Islamic signs will be put
up and on Christmas, prayers and pictures of Jesus Christ will be included on the site."
The minister suggested that prayers of Jain community and the Guruvani of the Sikhs
could also be shown during their respective festivals.

ISI continues to support J&K terrorists: Indian Govt

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 at 1300 hours IST
Updated: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 at 1305 hours IST

New Delhi, August 23: Maintaining that Pakistan has not dismantled the terror infrastructure existing on its soil, India on Wednesday said the neighbouring country's intelligence agency ISI continues to provide directions and logistics support to terrorist groups like LeT.

"We have not received any information on dismantling of terrorist training camps," Home Minister Shivraj V Patil said replying to supplementaries during Question Hour in Rajya Sabha here.
He said information about existence of terrorist training camps was passed on to Pakistan during the Home Secretary-level talks between the two countries.
"Results have not been satisfactory... We are not satisfied," he said.

According to available inputs, ISI continues to provide directions and logistics support including recruitment, arms training and funds to militant outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizbul Mujahideen and al-Badr for terrorist related activities in Jammu and Kashmir despite government's peace initiatives and Prime Minister's invitation to separatist leaders for two round table conferences.
"Available inputs indicate Pakistan's ISI continues to remunerate terrorists for attacks on security forces and political leaders. The serial grenade attacks on April 14 and July 11, 2006 in Srinagar city and killing of tourists are reportedly the result of directives received by the terrorist outfits from across the border," he said.
Patil said the list of India's most wanted was also discussed at the Home Secretary-level talks but no action has been taken.
"We have given documents pointing out to places where training is imparted to terrorists," he said adding Pakistan was in a denial mode.
Emphasising its commitment to the dialogue process, India has conveyed to Pakistan that talks can be sustained if it takes action on dismantling the infrastructure of terrorism, including training camps, launch pads and communication links between terrorist groups on the Indian side and their handlers on the Pakistan side, he said.
To another question, Minister of State for Home Affairs Sriprakash Jaiswal said the government was committed to provide security cover to all citizens, including Kashmiri Pandits.
"This year the state government had assured security cover to Panun Kashmir, an organisation of Kashmiri Pandits in order to enable them to perform 'mahashradh' in the Valley," he said.
But despite the assurance given by the government, Panun Kashmir chose to perform 'mahashradh' in Jammu (Akhnoor) on August 6, 2006, he said.
"Many religious functions such as Kheer Bhawani Mela and Amarnathji Yatra are held in the Valley every year in which Kashmiri Pandits take part in large numbers and government takes all measures for their security and safety," he added.

Mumbai-Missiles & Rocket launchers recovered
8/23/2006 5:28:40 AM Media Release

Mumbai: Police recovered arms and ammunitions in huge quantity from Thane.It included more than 30 Missiles and Rocket launchers. These deadly ammunitions were hided out in a unused pond. This arms cache confirms the intelligence reports on plans about a bigger attack on the country by home grown terrorists.

Earlier, in the morning, the villagers informed the local police that the suspicious looking objects were lying in the pond which triggered an intensified combing operation by the investigating agencies.

However, no arrests have been made. Meanwhile, law enforcing agencies are conducting a series of investigations and combing operations in the area for any further seizures, sources added.

Proselytisation in India, CIA funded: RSS Chief

United News of India

Madurai, August 23, 2006

Launching a blistering attack on the US for imposing its culture and value system on other nations, RSS Chief KS Sudharshan has charged the CIA with funding large-scale conversions in the country.

American Baptists were engaged in a grand project of religious conversion, christened as Joshua I, with the patronage of the Bush administration, he alleged, addressing a symposium on Empowerment of Hindu Intelligentsia organised as part of the Golwalkar centenary celebrations at Madurai on Tuesday night.

According to him, the project envisaged a church initially in each locality having a post office and then between a cycling distance.

Turning his ire on Muslims, he warned of the 'serious consequences' of Bangladeshi immigrants, affecting the demographic profile of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar. In Assam alone 10 out of 18 districts have witnessed an alarming rise in the proportion of Muslims, he claimed.

Expressing hope that a Hindu renaissance would blossom by the year 2011, he called upon the intelligentsia to spread 'Hindu Dharma'.

Former Union Minister Arun Shourie, speaking on Media and Hindu Intelligentsia, said intellectual work should be an instrument for acquiring political power. As such, all efforts should be doubled and directed at achieving this and the current situation remained the most opportune and favourable one to realise that, he felt.

Stating that more than 50 years of secular discourse had done great harm to the nation, he said Hindu tradition had been denied its due space in mainstream media, which was insensitive to the national cause.,0006.htm

Rakhi issue update; Principal supporting SFI Goons

Thiruvananthapuram:The principal of Sanskrit college, Dr.S.Sathhendran is trying to sabotage the investigation against the SFI attack on Dr.T.Unnikrishnan. Dr.Unnikrishnan was brutally attacked by SFI goons on Monday. He was attacked for tying Rakhi as part of Rakshabandhan festival.

Dr.T.Unnikrishnan had given written complaint to the principal and it is the duty of the principal to hand it over to Police for further actions. Police arrested Firozjaan a Muslim SFI leader in connection with this, but later released as the college principal was not ready to file any complaint regarding this issue. The Principal who himself is a Marxist follower is concerned more about protecting the thugs in the college than safeguarding a Professor under him.

ABVP yesterday conducted secretariat March in protest against the attack on Professor for tying Rakhi. ABVP State committee member M.Aneesh inaugurated the March. He demanded strict action against those behind this attack. SFI with the support from Islamic terrorist like NDF and SIMI is trying to bring a Terrorist culture in College campuses, he added

Professor attacked by SFI goons for tying Rakhi

Thiruvananthapuram:SFI’s intolerance towards Hinduism reached its zenith today, when a Muslim SFI thug dare to attack a college professor for tying a Rakhi .

Dr.T.Unnikrishnan was attacked by a group of SFI gundas leaded by Firozjaan today.This shameful incident happened in Sanskrit college here. They had threaten him on Friday, to remove Rakhi from his hand and today they attacked him and forced to break the Rakhi knot from his hands.Police arrested Firozjaan in connection with the attack.

Rakhi is not a mere knot tied by a sister to her brother, It shows the bonding of their divine relationship, just as Mangal Sutra for a Husband –Wife relationship. Such devilish acts by followers of Marx is the result of their ideological failure to compete with the resurgence of Sanathana Dharma and its principles in Kerala.

Marxist goons had brutally killed K.T. Jayakrishnan Master in front of his students in Kannur and SFI criminals are following their path says ABVP state secretary V.P.Rajeevan.ABVP warned of conducting strong agitation against such cultureless actions.

A Madrassa product like Firoz will not comprehend the meaning of this age old teaching of Sanathana Dharma,“Matha Pitha Guru Daivam”.For us a ‘Guru’ is considered as God and revered with same respect as we give to our parents.

By this heinous crime SFI criminals had done two unpardonable mistake,One to break the holy bonding of Rakhi,Two attacking a Guru,the most respectable. This is not just an attack on a person, but an attack on our Dharma. Haindava Keralam strongly condemns this brutal act and urges to take strong action by the court of Justice against the culprits.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

400 Assam ashrams taken over by illegal Bangladeshis


Vaishnavis seek Army help to reclaim land

Pramod Kumar Singh | New Delhi

Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants settled in Assam have usurped over 400 mutts and namghar (also called Kirtanghar) owned by the Asom Sattra Mahasava of Vaishnava sect. Having failed in their efforts to regain these places from Bangladesh nationals, the followers of this sect have now petitioned the Army to help them in reclaiming their lost seats of Assamese culture.

Badly hit by the Bangladeshi invasion, the Sattra people have approached the Army as the feel that the Government will not come to their rescue as its very future hinges on the support of the Assam United Democratic Front.

There are 800 places in the State, which were being used by the followers of Asom Sattra Mahasava. However, after the influx of Bangladeshi immigrants in the State, the scenario has altered drastically as Bangladeshis have managed to take over the lands and buildings owned by the Mahasava in Nalbari, Barpeta, Naogoan, Dhubri and Kamrup districts.

When asked about it, Bhaba Goswami, the general secretary of the Asom Sattra Mahasava, termed this development as "alarming and dangerous". They have submitted a memorandum to the Army to help them in protecting their Namghar from the marauding Bangladeshis.

This development, which has the potential to trouble the already-troubled State is slowly turning into a major issue for the followers of this sect propounded by Srimanta Sankaradeva (1449-1560) , the great saint and preacher, poet, playwright, philosopher and reformer.

With its passive influence on the religious, social and cultural life of Assam enduring the last five centuries, the Sattra institutions are held high as the living museums of Sankarite, religion and culture.

Sattra institutions are revered as hubs of Assamese culture but the volte face by the Government over the illegal usurpations by Bangladeshi have angered the followers.

Pastor burns the portraits of Hindu gods

August 22, 2006
Deccan Chronicle
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Mydukur, Aug. 21: Leaders of Viswa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh demanded that the police take stern action against the pastors and father of a church, who allegedly burnt the portraits of Hindu gods at Vanipenta in Kadapa district on August 18.

They threatened that they would intensify their agitation if cases were not booked against the Christians. Following a complaint by these leaders, the police registered a case against the Christian pastors and father, said circle-inspector Harinatha Reddy.

The activists led by RSS Zilla Pramukh T Venkateswarlu, district joint secretary B.R. Venkataramana staged a rasta roko at Mydukur on Monday. The leaders alleged that the Christian religious organisations were resorting to religious conversions for the past so many years.

They eyed several Dalitwadas for their religious conversions and as part of it, they organised a meet on August 18 and converted some Hindus into Christians. On the occasion, they reportedly set fire to some portraits of Hindu gods on the premises of the church, they alleged. However, Komara Venkata Ramana, Dumme Pedda Venkanna and G. Venkoji Rao of Vanipenta brought the issue to their notice, the leaders said.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Suicide of Krishna devotee by Missionary humiliation
8/19/2006 2:54:55 AM HK
Guruvayur:The suicide of Ammini Amma, an ardent devotee of Sri Krishna, who was humiliated by the Christian Missionaries is an ample example of the threat Hinduism is facing from the merciless Conversionist thugs.

Ammini Amma was one among the victim of Kidnapping attempt by Palayur Immanuel Christian Charity organisation for conversion purpose at Guruvayur Temple. The Kidnapping attempt by these followers of Jesus was spoiled then by the timely intervention of Devotees and Hindu organisation.

The photo above depicts her mental agony when she was forced to sit inside the Ambulance of Christian Missionaries.She was crying aloud and praying to Lord Krishna to protect her from these witched wolves.

Ammini Amma was not a destitute as thought by the Missionaries, She was from a reputed family, who wilfully decided to spend her last moments within the divine feets of Sri Guruvayoorappan.This conversion attempt shocked and humiliated her and she decided to end her life under the wheels of a running train.

This conversion attempt was with the support of local police and few Security employees in Guruvayur.The media who runs editorials and serial stories on controversies surrounding Sabarimala and Guruvayur were least bothered by this gruesome incident.

More News on Bomb Blast at Iskcon Manipur

KYKL suspected to be behind blast at ISKON`s Manipur complex New Delhi, Aug 17: Outlawed militant group Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) is suspected to be behind August 16th blast at ISKON complex in Imphal, a senior Union Home Ministry official said here today.

Though none has claimed responsibility for the blast which claimed four lives and left 66 others, including two Americans, injured, the hand of KYKL is suspected, he said.

The Meitei militant group, KYKL, which was formed over a decade ago, has been indulging in extortions and are said to have demanded a hefty amount from the ISKCON`s chief priest.

Refusal to pay the amount led to the lobbing of "Chinese-make hand grenades" at the Sankirtan place from outside the complex when the shrine was teeming with Janmasthami devotees, the official said.

He said the centre was in constant touch with the Manipur Chief Secretary and Director General of Police and reviewing the situation from time to time.

Police clarifies casualty figures in explosion

Meanwhile, police said four persons were killed and 66 injured in yesterday`s explosion at the complex of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON) at Tulihal airport area in Imphal west district of Manipur.

They said the four persons who were killed were H Birkumar (76), Dr K Bimod Kumar (65), W Anil Singh (9) and Angom Blodin (12)-- all from Imphal area.

While the body of Bimod Kumar was handed over to his family members today, those of the remaining three would be cremated at the ISKON complex here, they said.

Official sources had said yesterday that five persons were killed and over 50 persons injured when a powerful bomb or a grenade was hurled at the crowded ISKON complex last evening during Janmasthami celebration.

Bureau Report

Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup


Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL), meaning "the Organisation to save the revolutionary movement in Manipur" is a Meitei terrorist group formed in January 1994 following merger of the Oken faction of the United National Liberation Front (UNLF), the Meiraba faction of People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) and the Ibo Pishak faction of the Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP).

The outfit suffered a major setback after its inception when two of its top leaders—‘chairman’ N. Oken and ‘commander-in-chief’ N. Thouba Singh, were reportedly arrested on an unspecified date. Earlier during 1995-96, a large number of its lower-ranking cadres either deserted the outfit or surrendered before the security forces. Further in 1996, the outfit split into—the KYKL (O), led by Namoijam Oken and KYKL (T) led by Achou Toijamba. However, after five years of inter-group rivalry, the Oken and Toijamba factions decided to reunite sometime in mid-February 2002. Reports indicated that the move was prompted by the purported objective of unity among various terrorist outfits in the region.


The purported objective of the KYKL is to ‘rebuild’ the Manipuri society by clearing it of all vices like immoral activities, drug trade and corruption. According to the KYKL ‘Public Relations Officer’ S.K. Loya, the group stands for ‘nationalism’ of the entire Northeastern region to be based on the principle of "all for one and one for all". Towards the end of 2001, the outfit launched ‘Operation New Kangleipak’ (ONK), an ‘anti-corruption’ campaign to ‘clean up’ the educational system in Manipur. While the outfit continues its activities under the ONK, it has also pledged open support to other terrorist groups who reportedly work against the narcotics trade, drug addiction, immoral activities and corruption in the society.


Following reunification in 2002, the outfit has formed an ad hoc ‘central executive committee’, with Achou Toijamba as ‘chairman’ and Keisham Yaima as the ‘general secretary’. It has also formed a ‘military commission’ known as Meeyamgi Yawol Lanmee (MYL), which is jointly headed by Namoijam Oken and Toijam Ibochou. Keirungba Khuman is the ‘deputy finance secretary’ in whose name extortion notes to the general public are reportedly issued.

Areas of Operation

The outfit primarily operates in the four valley districts of Imphal East, Bishenpur, Thoubal and Imphal West in Manipur.

Source of Funding

KYKL funds its activities primarily through extortion that it collects jointly with the Nagaland-based National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak Muivah (NSCN-IM). For instance, media reports had indicated that an unidentified faction of the KYKL had aimed to extort between Rupees 20 million to 30 million during the February 2002 Legislative Assembly elections in Manipur.


The outfit has close linkages with the Nagaland-based NSCN-IM. Further, indications of a re-grouping of terrorist outfits in the region was visible towards the later part of the year 2002 with the nexus between the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA), Kanglei Yayol Kanna Lup (KYKL) and the NSCN-IM. Besides, the KYKL has also developed ‘working arrangements’ with the Meghalaya-based Achik National Volunteer Council (ANVC). Reports have also indicated that KYKL maintains links with the Khaplang faction of the NSCN (NSCN-K) with the latter providing training and shelter to KYKL cadres at its bases in Myanmar.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Remnants of temple found in a Mosque washed out in floods

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Idol of Nandi in shattered state in the ruins of the Mosque

Paithan: 13th August-In a 'Mosque' situated at the foot of Nathsagar in Jaikwadi, a wall of the Mosque collapsed with the onslaught of massive floods and some remnants of an ancient temple along with 'Nandi' head have been found. To suppress this evidence of treasure of Hindu culture, Muslims overnight tried to build the structure.

On getting information about it, the Shivsainiks rushed to the spot and stopped the construction. After police assaulted the angry Shivsainiks with lathis, they shouted powerful slogans in the city of,” We will build the temple there only" .As a result of this there is severe tension in the city of Paithan. In the meanwhile the police officer who did lathi assault on the Shivsainiks has been urgently transferred.

As the waters of the massive Godavari floods receded, the remnants of the razed Mosque came to light. The steps constructed of stones were also seen going towards the river. In the morning some of the young fishermen had gone to this area. At that time they found carved pillars of the temple and idol of Nandi in shattered state in the ruins of the Mosque.This news spread quickly like air in the whole city of Paithan. Immediately thereafter along with the Shivsena M.L.A Sandeepan Bhumre, the Taluka chief Arun Kale, Shri Somnath Pardeshi of the Durga Group,Khushal Bhavre, Nandalal Kale, Shivsainiks rushed to the incident spot. Thereafter the Tahsildar Madhav Nilawade was given the news about this. The Police Inspector Balasaheb Khillor and the officers of Archaelogy Department inspected the site.

While the discussion of the discovery of remnants of temple in the place of Mosque was going on the city, later in the afternoon fanatic Muslims starting immediately pulling strings. Hundred to one hundred and fifty Muslims entered the site with construction material. They started building a new wall after excavating the collapsed mud heap. Moment the Shivsainiks came to know about the construction by the Muslims, in the evening, along with 25-30 Shivsainiks, Raju Pardeshi, Deputy chief of the city Sagar Patil, Vijay Acharya again came to the incident site. Seeing the Shivsainiks coming the frightened Muslims fled the scene. The mob of the Muslims directly went to the police station. Then a big force of police appeared on the dispute scene. The police did a severe assault of lathis on the Shivsainiks who stopped the construction.

About 25-30 Shivsainiks were seriously injured in this. On the spreading of news about the inhuman lathi assault by the police, Hindus came on the road .In every square the assembled Hindus gave slogans of 'Har Har Mahadev', We will build the temple there only' and sent the city roaring.

With his background the Sub-Divisional Police Officer Raosaheb Nalabe entered Paithan.He tried to pacify both the assembled mobs. But the tension kept on mounting. The Shivsainiks strongly demanded the suspension of the Police Inspector Balasaheb Khillor, Police officer Somnath Gite. Later Police Superintendent Sanjeevkumar Singhal urgently transferred police officer Gite.

Reference: Daily Sanatan Prabhat(Marathi)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Grenade blast at HareKrishna temple during Janmashtami.

A grenade blast in a Hare Krishna temple during a major Hindu religious festival killed four people in India’s northeast today, police said.

Another 40 people were injured, mostly in a stampede that followed the blast in Imphal, the capital of Manipur state, while Hindus were celebrating the birthday of Hindu god Krishna, said police officer Kasim Ali.

The temple belongs to the International Society of Krishna Consciousness, or ISKCON.

The injured included four foreign nationals, an army officer said.

One of them was an American taken to hospital in the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences in Imphal, Chandra Mani Singh, an institute official, said.

No other details were immediately available.

The attack occurred despite tight police and paramilitary security in and around the temple where hundreds of Hindus congregated for the festival.

No one claimed responsibility for the blast.

Goswami said the attackers escaped after detonating the grenade.

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Relatives and friends mourn near the coffins of victims who died in grenade blast in Imphal, in the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2006. A grenade explosion and subsequent stampede during a Hindu festival in Manipur on Wednesday left four people dead and 40 injured, including at least four foreigners. (AP Photo/K. Sharatchandra)
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